Friday, May 4, 2012

Chocolate Twinkies

My sister texted me: Have you tried chocolate Twinkies yet? 
My text back: Whaa?? 

A few days later, a package arrived containing a box of chocolate
crème Twinkies. (I love my sister.)

Mere moments after the kids were in bed, WonderWife™ and I broke open the box. She took the first bite.

“Doesn’t really do anything for me,” she said between bites. “But then again, neither do regular Twinkies.”

“So you totally don’t count on this one,” I said.

“Don’t get me wrong,” she shot back, “I’d eat the whole box if given the chance.”

My wife sometimes confuses me.  I rolled my eyes at her as I opened up mine. The snack looked like a normal Twinkie—same size, same shape. The only discernible difference was the color of the three dots on the bottom of the cake. They were brown instead of the traditional white. It was only upon taking a bite that the chocolate Twinkie revealed how different it was. In a standard Twinkie the crème and cake are both vanilla, so besides moisture the crème doesn’t add a lot to the flavor of the snack. But the chocolate added an entirely new dimension to the familiar Twinkie flavor. The crème had a richer-than-expected taste that stood out nicely against the spongecake.

The new flavor is a welcome addition to the Hostess arsenal and while I give them a lot of props for creating a new variation that actually tasted new, in the great chocolate vs. vanilla debate I am solidly in the vanilla camp. Also, I’m a Twinkie purist. So if given the choice I’d pick the standard version over the chocolate crème. That is until they make a peanut butter version.

(Have I mentioned lately that I love my sister?)


Brian said...

Is this a paid advertisement for chocolate Twinkies? If so, it worked. I'm swinging by the grocery on my way to work this morning and buying a box.

My favorite snack cake has always been the Swiss Cake Roll, with a Nutty Bar being a close second. Twinkies require milk, always, whereas the others not so much . . .

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Nope. Not a paid advertisement. They were a gift that indulges this weird quirk of mine.

Zach Rosenberg said...

Speaking of a paid advertisement for Chocolate Creme Twinkies, they DID send us a box and we made this: