Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Wit and Wisdom of the Bean: Volume 8

After rejecting being taught how to tell time after getting a watch:  “I don’t need to know how to tell time with a watch!” (12/11)

The Bean: Can you get me the cereal?
DGB: Who am I, your butler?
The Bean: (pointing) Hey everybody, this old man said booty! (1/12)

At a hockey game: "Why do they say 'go Kings go? They don't move." (1/12)

The Bean: This watch makes me look fancy.
DGB: Oh, you want to look fancy?
The Bean: Duh, I'm a boy! (1/12)

“School is so worky!” (10/11)

“I keep thinking, why am I me? It’s hard to explain. Why am I me? I don’t even remember being in mommy’s tummy.” (11/11)

WonderWife™: Why weren’t you wearing underwear?
The Bean: Because it was Wednesday. (11/11)

"I smell stinky chocolate, or is it my feet?" (12/11)

The Bean: "I expected Disney World to look more like Mexico."* (12/11)

The Bean: Those things are in a force shield
WonderWife™: A force field.
The Bean: No, a force shield! (1/12)

The Bean: Aki.  Aki ya.
DGB: What are you doing?
The Bean: Speaking Spanish.
DGB:  That's not Spanish.
The Bean: I know!! (4/12)

*He's never been close to Mexico.

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Andrea SunnyDays said...

I would love to know where Mexico came from, lol.

The other day in a restaurant Sprinkles spilled a little milk down her shirt. Her method was to yank down said shirt and go at her chest with a napkin. I'm thankful she was five and it can still be counted as cute.

matt said...

deep stuff . . . now i'm wondering why i am me.

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Andrea...The only thing I can think of is Skippyjohn Jones, but we haven't read that in a couple of years.

Matt...Nothing like a six year old to bring about an existential crisis.