Monday, July 11, 2011


I know that summer is a stressful time for parents. Robbed of the structure of school, the long, hot summer days can descend into lethargy and crankiness. To combat this, WonderWife™ plotted out her summer with more strategy and cunning than everybody I’ve played in Risk. She's jam packed her days with outings and playdates in order to keep the kids, and to keep herself, from losing their minds.

Stuff like:

Ice cream cones
Roller Coasters
Cotton Candy
Wooter Ice
Ferris Wheels
Spinny Rides
Demolition Derby

Part of this means leaving me to my own devices while they go play on the other coast. Because summer is a busy season for me too--my work hours ramp up and travel becomes more extensive.

I’m a little jealous of their exploits--a little left out. But I’m glad they’re all having a good time. Me? I’m just happy that there’s Netflix streaming and that there was a wine sale this weekend.


OneZenMom said...

Demolition Derby? Dude, WonderWife rocks. ;)

But I bet you a million bucks that she wouldn't mind at all if you stole the kids away for just one day and left her home with the remote and a corkscrew.

James (SeattleDad) said...

One of those "Yeah, time to my self....wait I want to be with them" times, huh?