Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Scenes From a Wedding

I was uncharacteristically dressed in a suit. WonderWife™ was in a dress. Our kids were many miles away, being spoiled by their grandparents. Not only was it a rare date night, but it was the wedding of our very good friends.

The ceremony was written by the groom himself and was one of the funniest and most heartfelt I’ve witnessed.

We overlooked the ocean as the sun set. Booze flowed freely. Instead of working the room separately, as WonderWife™ and I tend to do, we hung together and mingled as a couple.

It was WonderWife™ who notices the impeccably dressed man in the vest and the pocket square, but it was me who was caught staring at him.

I was pleasantly surprised when the sister of the groom remembered my name. Although the guy getting married was a prime member of my inner circle of friends, I had only met his sister a handful of times. Later I was able to grab a moment with my newly married friend and he told me that he had gone over his friends’ names with his sister earlier in the weekend.

“She kind of remembered you,” he said. “She said you were ‘the serious one’.”

The serious one? What does that mean? I spent the rest of the night trying to figure it out.

WonderWife™ was on the dance floor gettin’ down with a few of her friends. She saw me watching her from across the room and gestured for me to come over. When I did, she handed me our camera. I began taking pictures of the trio’s spastic dancing.

After a few shots were snapped, WonderWife™ pulled me close and said, “You idiot, I was just giving you the camera. I didn’t want you taking pictures of me dancing!”

Lamb had been barbecued. Bite sized bits of cheesecake were impaled on skewers and drowned in melted chocolate. Later, when the bar closed and the night wound down french fries and mac and cheese were passed, which I now believe is the only way that a wedding should end.

I watched as my friend absentmindedly played with the new ring on his finger as he drank in his bride from across the room. I took WonderWife’s™ hand in mine and hoped that they would be as happy as we were.


SciFi Dad said...

I feel like I should brush my teeth now.

Daddy Geek Boy said...

(said in a Jon Lovitz voice) Jealous?

OneZenMom said...

You both looked lovely and it sounds like a fun (and yummy!) time.

Your friend's sister, however had obviously been drinking. "The serious one"???? Really?! ;)