Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Wit and Wisdom of the Bean: Volume 5

“There’s a toy in the waterhole!” (misquoting Toy Story)

"When we see Toy Story 3 at home, you need to skip the fire part because if I see it I will freak out!" (July)

“What if my tush had eyeballs? Then I’d be able to see when I was on the potty.”

“When I dream my eyeballs turn up inside my head to see my brain.”

“It’s cow flavored milk.” (after seeing a cow on a milk carton) (August)

“What a great day to be a person!” (August)

“Dad doesn’t know!  He’s the father not the mother.” (August)

“When I eat this lollipop there’s water in my mouth that takes the sweet off the lollipop and puts it in my mouth. You hear that sound? That’s the water rushing down. I have a whole factory in my mouth that helps me eat this.” (9/8/10)

"Mommy, thank you for making me not a girl. I don't want to be a girl, because I don't want my tummy to be ripped open and have a baby come out." (9/17/10)

Pretending to be a cop: "I will give you one warning and if you're speeding I'll give you…...  two warnings. " (9/19/2010)

Me: Why did the frog cross the road?
The Bean: What??
Me: Why did the frog cross the road?
The Bean: What frog?

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SciFi Dad said...

I think his reasons for not wanting to be a girl make PERFECT sense to me.

(I love these posts, btw)

ZenMom said...

These area adorable! I love the wit and wisdom of the bean. :)

My 3yo, btw, insists on having a cup of "cow milk" every evening. He's suspicious of any white stuff I pour him that doesn't have a cow on the package.

Your escalator operator said...

Simply brilliant. I like the dream and lollipop comments the best. Sounds like he's going to be a doctor. Or a really lenient cop.

Jody said...

The frog joke at the end made me laugh so hard it brought tears to my eyes. Every time I read these gems from you, I think -- *this* is why they are friends!!

Theresa said...

bwah ha ha hah! I think my favorite is the "What a great day to be a person!" I think I'm going to have to use that one from time to time

James (SeattleDad) said...

Awesome. Love these.

Esp Cow flavored milk. Growing up on a dairy, I can honestly say that wouldn't taste that great at all.

BloggerFather said...

“When I dream my eyeballs turn up inside my head to see my brain.”

Dude! Blew my mind!

Daddy Geek Boy said...

SciFI...Thanks. I love these posts too.

Zen...Yeah, we have code names for just about anything. "We usin' code names!"

YEO...Best/worst cop ever.

Jody...It's the conviction in which he says these things that makes them so great.

Theresa...Only use it when it's truly a great day to be a person. Otherwise it loses all meaning.

James...Yeah, unlike that goat flavored milk I tried to feed him.

BloggerFather...Yeah man, trippy. I hope he didn't get into my medicine cabinet.

Surfer Jay said...


FilmFather said...

“Dad doesn’t know! He’s the father not the mother.” (August)

So true, true.

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Jay...It's hard to keep a straight face with him around.

FilmFather...He speaks the truth, don't he?