Monday, October 18, 2010

Rescue Me

“I’m a fire fighter!” the Bean said to a group of cute teen girls as he walked next to them. The girls all giggled in the way that teen girls do. The Bean grinned at them. He had them in the palm of his hand.

This past weekend, the Geek Boy family participated in AIDS Walk. It’s a cause close to both WonderWife™ and me. I started walking in the event the first year WW™ and I were together. 10 years later, it’s become a family tradition. Not only does the Walk raise money, but it provides ample opportunity to interact with other people. Which is how I found myself watching the Bean work his 4 year-old magic on a gaggle of girls.

Since the Walk takes place in October, Halloween is very much on the minds of my kids. After shuffling through various costume ideas, the Bean had finally settled on fire fighter. Since this decision, being a fire fighter is all he talks about—hence his declaration to the girls.

“So will you save us from a burning building?” one of the girls asked the Bean.

“Um, no,” he replied matter of factly.

“You’re not going to save those girls?” said a guy who was in the girls’ group to the Bean.

The Bean shook his head.

“Can you believe it?” I said to the guy. “It looked like he was in there for a minute.”

The girls picked up the pace and soon were lost amongst the sea of Walkers.

“Buddy,” I said to the Bean conspiratorially. “This is very important: when a group of girls asks if you’re going to save them, you always say ‘yes’.”


“You're just going to have to trust me on this one, buddy boy.”


SciFi Dad said...

Sage advice from a father to a son.

That One Mom said...

He said no? That is priceless.

Daddy Geek Boy said...

SciFi...Wish my dad had taught me.

That One Mom...He did.

James (SeattleDad) said...

Maybe if you call him grasshopper it will sink in faster.

Great advice dad.

ZenMom said...

My husband jokes all the time (at least, I'm pretty sure he's joking) that our sons are even better chick magnets than puppies.

It's almost impossible for him to take the boys anywhere without being accosted by gushing females ranging from teeny-boppers to grandmas.

And my darling husband's standard advice to our lil' charmers is similar to yours: When random girls come up and talk to you, it's best to just smile and agree with them. "You'll thank me later."

It is true that little boys are darned hard to resist at this age. It's when they get older that they get troublesome.

Daddy Geek Boy said...

James...He'd probably just ask me why I kept calling him that. But I'll try.

Zen...Puppies huh?