Friday, October 8, 2010

Flashback Friday: 10 Months

Sprout's at that age where she is bursting with personality--not all of it screaming either. It got me thinking about when she first started turning a corner from difficult infant to precocious toddler.

This was something I wrote in May 2009, but never got around to posting it. But I've always liked it as a memento of that time:

Dear Sprout,

The months have been passing with a furious pace and I can hardly believe that you are 10 months old. But guess what? We’ve made it through the tough times. You are growing up to be quite a charming little lady. I like the way you’ve decorated your smile with four new, crooked teeth. It really brings your whole mouth together. I’m also very proud that you’ve become a champion crawler. You’re almost fast enough to catch the cats. Keep trying, you’ll get them soon enough.

You’ve been expanding your repertoire of party tricks too. You’ve got waving and clapping down pat. Your blowing a kiss still need some work, but that’s okay. That one is tough. And it appears that you’ve not only decided to start using one of the sign language words we’ve been teaching you, but you’ve said your first word. Though I don’t love having to leave you in the morning, I do love hearing you say “ba” to me as I go.

But the thing that I’m most proud of you for is drinking from something other than mommy’s breast. You had us fooled there for a while. You were drinking from a sippy cup but stopped. Now that you’re a little older, you’ve finally decided that you’re cool with drinking from a bottle. You even went ahead and learned how to drink through a straw. Already you’re an overachiever. You’re totally your mommy’s girl.

I can't wait for our adventures together to continue.

Dad (aka Daddy aka "da")


SciFi Dad said...

Very sweet. My son NEVER took to a bottle... he did take them one day while my wife was out with my daughter, but that was way early on (like six months) and it never happened again. Ditto for sippy cups.

He went from breast to straw cups. Seriously.

Daddy Geek Boy said...

SciFi...Thanks. Sprout one time cried for over 4 hours rather than take a bottle from me. She's one stubborn little girl.