Wednesday, September 1, 2010

You Spin Me Round

The Bean wasn’t the only one who made great amusement park strides during our two day sojourn in the land of Legos. Sprout had a pretty good time herself.

For all of her stubborn bravado, Sprout is can be actually a timid kid. Within 30 seconds of her first ride during her first trip to an amusement park (Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland) she buried her head in WonderWife’s™ shoulder and continuously asked when it was going to be over. (That ride is 11 minutes long, by the way.) After that Sprout was wary of rides. Even the notoriously tame It’s a Small World upset her at first.

While I was off showing the Bean the ways of the coaster, WonderWife™ was left with Sprout and managed to coax her onto a few things. Thankfully, Legoland is a park built for small kids and there are plenty of low-impact rides. Sprout quickly developed an affinity for plane-type rides that went up in the air. WW™ was happy that Sprout was having a great time, but in the immortal words of the Barenaked Ladies, she does not like those spinny rides. So after their third go round on the one with the airplanes that went in a circle, WonderWife™ had to put a temporary stop to Sprout’s fun. Feeling brave, we took her on Legoland’s only dark ride—dark being a relative term in this case. (A more accurate way of putting it would be that it’s Legoland’s only ride that’s under a roof.) Like a champion, Sprout smiled her way through the experience.

It’s too early to tell if Sprout is going to be a thrill-seeker like her big brother, but based on this trip she’s certainly moving in the right direction.

I promise to be patient with this one.


SciFi Dad said...

Yep... I don't like the spinning ones either; my wife's going to be busy if/when we hit amusement parks.

Didactic Pirate said...

One step at a time. My timid daughter is slooooowly getting braver when we go to Disneyland. But she still doesn't trust the rides that she can't see (the ones inside a building). She almost mustered up the courage for Pirates last time we went... but in the end she just couldn't do it.

One of these days...

Papa K said...

I'm already training mine to be an amusement park ride FREAK! I want to enjoy that with her when she gets older. I don't want her to be scared.

But I'll save the spinny ride for my wife and her to do... I don't have the stomach for those any more.

Daddy Geek Boy said...

SciFi...Come to LA, you and my wife can hang out while your wife, me and our kids ride till our hearts' content.

Pirate...If it makes you feel any better, I used to be terrified of Pirates. When I got a little older, it became my favorite ride.

Papa K...You've got the right idea. Baby steps.