Thursday, July 8, 2010


The Bean has been known to ramble since he could first talk. Now that he’s getting older and (slightly) more coherent, he’s really taken to talking on the phone. This has been great considering how much time we’ve spent apart these days. He’s also figured out the joys of voicemail. At first he rejected the concept completely, unable to figure out why I wasn’t responding to him. But now he’s become an expert at the random voicemail message.

He left me this first one on my cell phone about 7 days into his 10-day vacation on the east coast. This is transcribed verbatim:

“Um, I love you. Goodnight. But I know I will you see you when I come back. Did you know that? Oh boy! Thank you! I know you’re going to take me out. It’s going to be great. I love you. I love you. Kiss kiss kiss. I love you. I love you. Hey Dad! Goodnight. Goodbye.

(As he’s hanging up he says…)

He will love that message!”

Moments later, this message was left on my work voicemail:

“Hi Dad. Um, I love you. You get two messages. WOW! You want two? Oh great! Yea! You want to hear them? [Something something something] real. All aboard! (shuffles phone). Goodnight. I never know that you were at work. Wow! Cool! Gooooodnight. Goodbye. Good everything. Goodbye.

(As he’s passing phone back to WonderWife™…)

He will loooove that message!”

But this one, left for me at work last night, might be my favorite for it’s complete randomness:

“Okay. Um, Dad? Goodnight. But this is one thing. I didn’t get any stories tonight because I flicked my toothbrush. Um, did you know this message is going to be so long. Oh! And just…I went…Um I sang “Mary” and I’ll have an electric toothbrush someday. Oh! You know that already. Ha ha. Oh well! Um. Mom is having new teeth. And…This is such a nice message. I know but Bloo isn’t really a blue. He is blue blue Bloo! Ha ha ha. (singing) Aw eew eh ah ah ah. Mom’s glasses!

WonderWife™: Can I have the phone please. Say goodnight.

Teeth teeth teeth! Goodnight!

WonderWife™: And what else?

And zoooo long!"


Your escalator operator said...

Sooo cool. Nice way to keep track of these - they'll probably crack you up every time you read them.

SciFi Dad said...

My kids leave for the inlaw's cottage up north on Sunday. I suspect I would have gotten some similar messages (if, you know, my FIL wasn't so fucking cheap that he decided to NOT get a long distance plan for their place because they can just call us and hang up and we'll call them back).

Also: very cute messages.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Okay... so cute seriously! You should record them and let us listen to his voice! hehehe

Love little kids voices.

Vancetastic said...

Jeez, your kid is dumb.

(I wish I could leave this as is without adding that I am kidding, but there's too much potential for misinterpretation.)

Sadie said... sweet. I remember those days, and now - as of today - my daughter has her own cell phone with her own random voicemail message prompt. I shall go cry for lost youth now....

Keith Wilcox said...

Kids brains go at about a million miles per hour but their mouths only catch every 10th word! HAHA :-) I'd love to get messages like that if I were a working dad. They'd make it all sorta worthwhile.

Daddy Geek Boy said...

YEO...Amazingly, they do translate in writing. But they were amazing to listen to.

SciFi...Always an opportunity to dig at your in-laws, huh? I hope you get some messages.

Shelle...Would that I could, but my voicemail doesn't keep them for long.

Vance...Yeah, he totally is.

Sadie...That's so sad!

Keith...I had to listen to each message about 5-6 times to get them down.

ZenMom said...

That is so freakin' cute. ;)