Monday, July 19, 2010

Slipping and Sliding

I always wanted a Slip N Slide, but I never got one. Growing up, summertime consisted of my sister and I spraying each other with the garden hose and running back and forth through the slow moving sprinkler. Sure it was amusing, but I wanted the kind of backyard fun I saw on Saturday morning commercials. The kind only afforded you if you had the right stuff.

For me, Slip N Slide (along with the Water Wiggle) represented the quintessential summertime toy. It’s an ingeniously simple concept. You put a thin sheet of plastic down on your lawn, water it (the slip) and hurl yourself down it (the slide). It’s the stuff of which America’s Funniest Videos are made, which is why I probably never got one.

One of the great things about being a parent is the ability to re-do your childhood through your offspring. The fact that I coveted but didn't get a Slip N Slide meant that it was an unquestionable fact that they would have one.  This was decided about five minutes after I found out that we were pregnant with our first. Since then, I've been biding my time waiting for them to grow up enough to use one. In the meantime, I’d occasionally stroll through the toy aisle. I happily discovered that the once humble sheet of plastic has been upgraded with some fancy new features, like a water filled basin which not only ends the ride with a splash but keeps you from sliding off the mat preventing the ever-painful grass burn. Some of them even attach to a hose which keeps the slide constantly wet.  Technology rules!

Summer finally arrived full blast this weekend as temperatures in the Valley reached 110 (and will stay this way until November). WonderWife™ agreed that our kids were Slip N Slide ready, and because she is brilliant she planned ahead and had already procured one--a fancy one at that!

The kids’ eyes got big as I unfurled the plastic and turned on the water. While it may have been sweltering outside, they didn’t feel it because they had an amazing time staying nice and cool running around and soaking themselves on their new Slip N Slide.

(Oh yeah, and at long last somebody else got to use it too.)


Trooper Thorn said...

Here's a tip: 3 tarps, a sprinkler and and some dish soap make a super-sized Slip 'N Slide!

Your escalator operator said...

Must be thousands of parents out there who have had kids just so they could get the slip 'n slide they always wanted for themselves.

Looks like fun!

(I never got one either!)

handstowar said...

I never got one either. After I got one the first time I finally understood why. The yard was a freakin' swamp! And where the slip and slide had been located the grass had all been uprooted. It took a while to get the yard into it's original shape.

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Thorn...Excellent idea!

YEO...It is fun. And should not be reserved just for kids.

Hands...Yeah, it was muddy back there. But worth it.

SciFi Dad said...

My dad just wrapped us in saran wrap and told us to trip when running through the sprinklers.

ZenMom said...

Nice form.

Melissa said...

Anyone remember getting severe slip 'n slide burns from these things?

Or how you would be going SO fast that you would keep sliding right off the end and keep going? Ouch!

We also used to have this HUGE plasitc clown head that shot water out of its head. Thing was scary to look at. Don't know who had the idea of a scary clown head sprinkler for kids...

Daddy Geek Boy said...

SciFi Dad...It may have be cruel, but look at the memories you have.


Melissa...The problems of yesteryear are solved by today's modern technology!

James (SeattleDad) said...

We have a downhill sloping lawn so I am thinking about getting one for us too.

Daddy Geek Boy said...

James...Do it! Do it!