Monday, May 10, 2010

What Did They Do to M&M's Now?

“Sweet fancy moses, lookit that,” I said to WonderWife™ when I spotted the display at the other end of the grocery store aisle.

It took her a minute to see it. “Pretzel?” she asked.

“Not just that,” I pointed. “Look.” My finger drew her eye to the word “new.”

By now I’d completely turned my wife from a normal human being into a ravenous beast who craves new products as much as me.  She grew excited by this new discovery. 

“Let’s buy two!” she said.

So what was this new item, you ask? This:

Pretzel M&M’s are a brilliant idea. One that’s so deceptively simple I’m surprised it’s taken this long to arrive. I’ve spoken many times about the extreme pleasure I take in adding salty to sweet, and pretzel M&M’s turns that into a selling point. Right on the bag it says “crunchy, salty, sweet”.

When the kids were finally asleep, WW™ and I tore into the first bag over a couple of cocktails. (Ah, the simple pleasures of two tired parents on a Saturday night.)

Pretzel M&M’s are exactly what you’d expect them to be—an M&M with a pretzel center. They have a light texture, like biting into a malted milk ball. The promised salty/sweet combination hits the tongue right up front, making for a pretty tasty bite of candy.

Yet for the first time ever WonderWife™ may have been more enthusiastic than I was about a new candy. I guess I’m much easier to please when it comes to candy. I thought the M&M’s were really tasty, but I thought that they skimped out a little bit by making the chocolate layer too thin. She thought they had gotten the combination just right. She also appreciated the fact that because pretzel M&Ms were light on chocolate, that the bag was only 150 calories. (It is not in my nature to pay attention to such things, but if she considers this a big selling point that makes her happy, who am I to argue?

Pretzel M&Ms is the kind of new product that I like best. They actually put some effort into this one and didn’t simply change the kind of chocolate from dark to light, add some mint flavor or sprinkle a little caramel on it*. It’s actually a new product that completely changes the approach to a classic candy. If you like salty/sweet, you’re going to totally dig pretzel M&M's. We did.

*Caramel M&M's! Are you listening Mars Snackfood Corporation? That there’s an idea whose time has come


SciFi Dad said...

I'm a fan of chocolate covered pretzels for exactly the reasons you outline.

Your escalator operator said...

Yes, but how did the kittens like them?

Sounds pretty tasty. I'll have to pick up a pack or four.

Eric said...

But what does the Pretzel M&M character look like?

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Caramel M&M's. Sign me up. That said I do love a little salt of a pretzel mixed with a sweet of chocolate.

ZenMom said...

Well, now I'm craving choclate covered pretzels, but not so much the pretzel M&M's. Which is weird. Especially when you consider the fact that I have no fewer than five M&M dispenser on my office shelf. ;)

Vancetastic said...

"M&M’s are a brilliant idea."

Which is why they were introduced ... back in 1941.


Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I'm not sure of of the pretzel chocolate combo. I'm not much for that mix.

But caramel M&M's? I would love that.

Daddy Geek Boy said...

SciFi...I think you'll like 'em.

YEO...Everyone knows that cats don't like pretzels, silly.

Eric...Not as hot as the Green one. Kind of salty.

Andrea...I know I've just given away a million dollar idea with the caramel M&M thing.

Zen...Really? No Pretzel M&Ms for you?

Vance...Seriously dude, don't you have anything better to do?

Shelle...Really? You've never had a chocolate covered pretzel? It doesn't sound good to you? No wonder why you like Transformers. :)

Vancetastic said...

All your other readers let you off the hook too easily. A bunch of yes-men/women!

The least I can do is be consistent ...

Hey, would you rather not have the comment? Wait, don't answer that ...

Vancetastic said...

By the way, avoid the caramel Kit Kats. For some reason they aren't crispy. I don't know why the presence of caramel would necessarily mean no crispy, but that was my impression.

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Vance...I know you can't help yourself. And I can't imagine how caramel Kit Kats could be bad.

creative-type dad said...

Hmm, I'm not sold. I like the classic one M&M's from the 50's, you know the ones with dark chocolate and darth vader on the package.