Thursday, May 27, 2010

Peeing Giraffe

It was a perfect Sunday morning at the zoo. I was flying solo with the Bean and Sprout in order to give WonderWife™ time to replenish her sanity. By the kids’ request we found ourselves at the giraffe habitat. (And by kids’ request, I mean a constant refrain of, “Let’s go to the giraffes. I wanna see the giraffes.”) So there we were, happily watching a family of giraffa camelopardalis having lunch. I was just about to tell the kids my favorite fun fact about giraffes (they have blue tongues) when one of them started urinating, as wild life is prone to do on occasion. As this was happening, one of the other giraffes starts bending down toward the stream. The events began unfolding in slow motion as I silently hoped that giraffe wasn’t going to do what it looked like it was going to do.

Sure enough, the giraffe stuck its blue tongue into the urine stream of the other and took a drink. I didn’t point out what was happening to the kids. I didn’t have to. Every person surrounding the enclosure simultaneously said, “eeew” including the Bean and Sprout.

My kids have an amazing ability to focus on a single detail and obsess about it. I had learned about the Bean’s gift for repetition during a previous incident—coincidentally also involving a giraffe. I would soon learn that this peeing giraffe was to be no exception.

Since that day conversations with the kids have been peppered with phrases like “giraffe pish” and “that giraffe drank the pee.” The Bean being more articulate than Sprout will add commentary like, “Did you see that giraffe drink that pee? It was so craaazy!” The peeing giraffe was the first thing the Bean told his teachers about that Monday while Sprout would spend her time rehashing the story of the thirsty giraffe for WW™ and anyone else who would listen.

I’ll admit, it was a memorable moment—funny and gross all at the same time. If I had a video camera running I’m sure it would’ve become a huge hit on You Tube. But the only recording device available to us was my brain and the two little brains of my kids, who have decided to replay the memory over and over and over again.


SciFi Dad said...

We once viewed an incident at our zoo where a gorilla was peeing from a tree limb, and a second gorilla was underneath catching the urine with its hand and then drinking it as if from a faucet.

BloggerFather said...


ZenMom said...

We once came upon the tortoise habitat at what I explained to my kids was "hugging time" for the happy little reptiles.

Yeeeeaaaahhhh. That was fun.

James (SeattleDad) said...

Too awesome. I wish I had been there to see that.

handstowar said...

Pee tastes kind of like apple juice.

Daddy Geek Boy said...

SciFi...which is why I love me some primates.



James...I really wish you had seen it too. The whole thing was kind of amazing.

Handstowar...Not going to ask how you know that.

FilmFather said...

Ah yes, children and bodily fluids of animals...reminds of back in February when we took our two boys, then 6 and 3, to see the Ringling Bros. circus. The elephants come out to do their tricks, which included rolling over on their sides. As they're lying down, the elephant closest to us take a huge dump...then when the trainer has the elephants sit up, our elephant rolls right over and sits on his huge turd. The crowd reaction was funny enough, but our 6 year old wouldn't stop talking (and laughing) about it.

Truth be told, it WAS pretty damn funny.

Distracted Daddy said...

Wow. Awesome story. I can't wait to take my daughter to the zoo. I can only hope something like that happens.