Monday, January 18, 2010


Sprout is developing quite a vocabulary for a girl her age. (Both of my kids started talking early, and have refused to shut up ever since.) In fact Sprout is at that magical time where she seems to learn a new word or two every day. But for as many words as she knows, there are still a lot that she doesn't. Thankfully, Sprout has come up with an all-purpose utility word.

Sprout will sit on my lap as we look through a picture book. I point to animals and ask, "What's that?"

"Lion," she'll say.

"How about that one?"


"Great! And this one?"


This is a word that comes up a lot. During dinner, Sprout will point to an item on the table and say, "racca." She will ask to read, "racca" or ask about the toy "racca." There are times when her "racca's" become quite pronounced and forceful. "Racca! Racca! Racca! Racca!"

While I'm thrilled she's trying hard to communicate, it's proving to be quite a challenge to tell racca from racca.


SciFi Dad said...

Personally, I prefer "racca" to "how the fuck should I know, old man?" but maybe that's just me.

Sundar said...

Sounds like "kaka". hehe

Your escalator operator said...

Thank you for spelling "but-fly" with only one "t"

SRR said...

My baby sister (this is many, many years ago) had a word like that. She's point at things and say,
"yukka-ooong". Where yukka-ooong came from we couldn't figure out.

Vancetastic said...

I'm hearing a dd sound rather than a cc sound in that word, as spoken by that tall gray gentleman. Nitpicking about nonsense words ... ain't blogging life grand?

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Vance...Oh buddy, so not the point. But I appreciate your OCD comments. And by "appreciate" I really mean "loudly groan and roll my eyes."