Monday, October 5, 2009

Halloween Comes Early

“Look a ghost!” said the Bean.

It was the first of October and the Bean had seen his first Halloween decoration, a small ghost on the front of a house in our neighborhood.

“Daddy, we need to put our ghost in front of the garage,” the Bean said later that day. “The one that says ‘woooo’.”

I was kind of impressed that a year later, the Bean had remembered that decoration. It was one of those $19.99 specials they sell at Target that makes a "spooky" howl through a tinny speaker. Last Halloween, it completely captivated the Bean. It looked like this year was to be no exception.

Last year was the year that Halloween really clicked for the Bean. He picked out what he wanted to be (a cat) and was exciting to wear his costume. He also fully understood the glory that is trick-or-treating, and ventured up to doorways alone, while I watched from the sidewalk.

So even though Halloween was four weeks away, and even though it was 85 degrees outside (stupid global warming), the Bean and I went outside to the shed, dug out the box of decorations and set up the house. Well in a more accurate way, I decorated while he watched, the whole time asking me dozens of questions that I could not answer. (“Why does the skeleton have green eyes? Why is that [severed] foot all red? Where did the guy with the red foot's body go?”) Afterward, the Bean inspected my work and deemed it spooky enough. He especially liked the ghost that went “woooo”.

We are now officially the first house on the street, probably in the whole neighborhood, to have our decorations up. It’s as if my front yard is a giant neon sign that says a little boy lives here and he is very excited about Halloween.


SciFi Dad said...

My neighbours started in the middle of last week, so you're not the only freak, uh, "prepared" person out there.

ZenMom said...

That sounds awesome! But, pictures, man! We need pictures. I want to see the severed foot and the ghost that goes, "wooo". :)

Do you know what the kids are going to be for Halloween yet?

Daddy Geek Boy said...

SciFi...It's mighty lonely in my neighborhood all decorated by ourselves.

Zen...The Bean decided many months ago that he wants to be a banana. He has gone on to inform us that he wants me to be an apple. Sprout will be a blueberry. WonderWife™ has decided to go as Carmen Miranda. (I am not as excited about my costume this year as last year's "The Guy From Operation" costume. But then again, as the Bean gains free will, I lose mine.)

ZenMom said...

So, basically, you are the Fruit of the Loom family, this year?

I think we (meaning they) have decided on a knight and a dragon this year for the kids. *fingers crossed that neither one slays the other.*

Steph said...

DGB- I was LOL about the fruit of the loom family. I want pictures too....

Sadly we haven't put anything up yet...

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Ha! My daughter was that same way this year so we have our decorations up.

She wanted the halloween candy everywhere also but I put my foot down with that! Lol!

James (SeattleDad) said...

I think Lukas will get it this year like bean did last year. Last year was spent quarantined in the local Children's Hospital for us, so we have some catching up to do.

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Zen...As I was told by a friend, Fruit of the Loom doesn't have a banana. Otherwise, I'd be going as more than just an apple.

Steph...I will take some pix and post 'em soon.

Shelle...Candy as decoration, huh? Not a bad idea.

James...Thankfully, the learning curve for Halloween isn't steep.