Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Wit and Wisdom of the Bean, Volume 2

My son knows a great many things. Sometimes he likes to share his wisdom with us. Far be it for me to keep this information all to myself. And so once again, I share it with you...

“I have ribs cause I ate ribs. My mouth ate ribs and turned them into bone.”

“You’re pudgy because you’ve got a baby inside of you.” (Said to me)

“Look I have a Woody.” (Pointing to his crotch adorned with Toy Story underwear).

“Mommy you need to take the hair off your arms before it grows so long that ot goes up to the sky and hits the clouds and the rain will come out of the clouds.”

“Boys don’t wear rings!”
“So what do you call these?” I ask holding up my ring-adorned fingers.

"I want to be a grownup so I can drive so I can go do Disneyland.”

"Your penis looks fun to play with."

“You have to put on gloves so you won't get snow in your veins.”


SciFi Dad said...

Finally a reasonable explanation for why it rains. Thank you, Bean!

Eric the Bolton said...

My wife is pregnant, so her belly is naturally expanding. I was playing with my 3 year old daughter one day. I'm laying on the floor, she's sitting on my stomach. Then she goes.

"Mommy has a girl in her tummy.. You have a boy in your tummy.."

So now I have to suck my gut in whenever I'm in the same room with her..

Have a good weekend..

ZenMom said...

Niiice. ;)

I swear my newly 5 year old makes me crack up every day with stuff like this. And I always say I need to write them down ... but I never do.

Thanks for sharing. I love to start the day with a smile. :)

Vancetastic said...

I can't believe I'm the fourth commenter and I'm the first to specifically address the remark about the penis.

Your escalator operator said...

The Bean might need his own sitcom. On cable, apparently.

James (SeattleDad) said...

The Woody comment was perfect comedic timing.

Surfer Jay said...