Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Crossing the Streams

I'm over at Hot Dads today, talking about when worlds collide. Here's a peek:

My life, for the most part, is compartmentalized. My friends are not a part of my working world and my online life does not cross into my real life. Some people know that I write as Daddy Geek Boy, but for the most part they don't pay attention. There are many others who only know me by my internet handle, but not in reality. However on occasion, there are times when the streams get crossed and one of my worlds bleeds into another.


Missty said...

Came over to check out your blog from Hot dads. Been here before,and added to your following. Great stuff!!

ZenMom said...

Just wanted to say great post. ;)

Eric the Bolton said...

Dogs and cats... Living together... Mass Hysteria!!!

I really don't promote my blogging in the real world because I'm afraid of being looked at weird and going??

"You Blog, what possibly could you say to make people return?!?!"

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Missty...Thanks so much for dropping by. And for the compliments. I'm all red in the face now.

Zen...You rule. You know that, right?

Eric...I tell people here and there about my secret life as a blogger. Some people dig it, but some do give me the response you're afraid of. (BTW, dig the reference).

ZenMom said...

In general, I find that people who don't blog don't "get" blogging.

So, even if it weren't for need to keep my super-secret identity ;) ... I don't think I'd run around telling people that I blog. I think I'd probably just get a lot of funny looks.

Don't you?

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Blogging is one of many things I do that gets me funny looks daily.