Friday, August 7, 2009

"By the way, why are we wearing bras on our heads?"

The internet is a buzz with people blogging, tweeting and updating their Facebook statuses about the untimely death of John Hughes. His movies were the voice of a generation in a way that I don’t think could even be possible anymore in today’s media landscape.

While news of John Hughes’ death is lugubrious, something extraordinary has come out of it. WonderWife™ and I were talking about his movies over breakfast and a few shocking facts were laid bare. She has never seen Pretty In Pink in it’s entirety. Nor has she seen Some Kind of Wonderful. Then she dropped the biggest bombshell: her favorite John Hughes movie, possibly one of her favorite movies ever, is…Weird Science!

I was aghast. This goes against everything that I thought I knew about my wife. How could I have been with this woman for over 8 years and not have known this?

Weird Science is one of John Hughes stupidest and most slapstick movies. I mean this in a totally loving way. It’s an awesome flick. Just ask any guy that grew up in the 80s. And that is why WW™’s love of this movie is so surprising to me. Growing up girls didn't like this movie. In mixed company it was always Breakfast Club or Ferris Bueller. Weird Science was the movie we put on when it was just the guys hanging out. On top of that, Weird Science has a unique sci-fi bent to it, which makes it even more unlikely that my wife likes it. WW™’s self-proclaimed favorite movie is You’ve Got Mail. When I first met her, she had two movies in her collection—The Truth About Cats & Dogs and My Life. It doesn’t seem possible that a staunch anti-geek like her could ever love a movie like Weird Science. Suddenly, I'm looking at her in an entirely new way.

I guess that when you protest something too loudly, you’re usually trying to hide the truth. John Hughes’ death is unfortunate, but in its wake I learned that there is in fact some geek blood coursing through the veins of my wife.


ZenMom said...

Well, I would blame you for being a bad influence on her, but it would appear that you are not entirely to blame. :)

For the record, I'm sure tons of women like Weird Science!

I mean I know lots ... er, okay, well, maybe not "lots" ... but there are several ... or, at least, there must be a few ... okay, it's just me.

And now WW. Yay!

SciFi Dad said...

Between WW and ZenMom it appears we are in good company here on the interweb, DGB.

James (SeattleDad) said...

Wierd Science was a riot. I actually think Mrs. LIAYF liked it too.

Sadie said...

In her defense, Pretty in Pink was really f'n boring! And Weird Science was awesome, I don't know many girls who didn't love that movie at the time.

Mom said...

OMG, Kelly LeBrock's adoration of those two dorks was priceless! Loved it!


Vancetastic said...

I know I don't need to tell you this, DGB, because you saw it, but for a great modern update of Bill Paxton's Chet (one of the classic film characters of all time), check out James Marsden in Sex Drive. You never knew he could be so funny.

SweetPeaSurry said...

Awww I always loved Weird Science too. It's super duper cool that you learned something new about your wife though. Things like that, I suspect, make spending a lot of time with one person worthwhile.