Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Aren't You Impressed?"

Like most kids, when I was young I wanted to impress my parents with the skills I learned. "Look at me, I can use scissors!" or "Look I can draw a letter!" The goal was to get acknowledgment of the task and a little praise thrown in for good measure. Right now I'm having this weird role reversal with my mom, who is trying to impress me with the new things she's learning.

My mom recently decided to buy an iPhone. From what I can deduct, the only reason why she's buying an iPhone is because her best friend just bought one. Tech savvy my mother is not. In fact, my parents have never really been into technology. Growing up, they resisted getting a computer for the longest time, even though I begged and begged. I think my dad was actually afraid of them. My parents thought that all I wanted to do with a computer was play video games. Truth be told, gaming was a huge part of why I wanted a computer. But I also wanted to learn how to use one. This was the 80's and home computers were just coming into fashion and I dreamt of owning an Apple IIe. I wanted to be like Matthew Broderick in War Games (except for the whole almost starting World War III thing.) My parents finally relented and got me a computer. They had little to no interest in it themselves.

My parents have attempted to keep up with technology, but they're not good with it. There is always something "wrong" with their computer or their TV isn't programmed properly. My mom getting an iPhone is like somebody getting a state of the art computer only to use it as an expensive typewriter. She is not wired to use it for the internet. She uses her cell phone to store a few pictures of the grandkids and to call my sister 18 times a day.

Now that my mom has the iPhone, she is keen to show off what she is learning. Her speech is peppered with, "Aren't you impressed? I downloaded Fandango." or "Aren't you impressed? I learned how to type on it."

Truthfully, I'm not that impressed. My mom had already learned to send a text message or two and iPhones are notoriously easy to use. Most people know how to do what she's doing. But like a parent who needs to encourage a child who's saying, "look at me!", I have to muster up enthusiasm and praise her for a job well done.

"Yes mom, I'm impressed."


Your escalator operator said...

Sounds familiar, except that I can't even see my mom getting on the iPhone bandwagon. Ever.
I'm not particularly tech savvy, as you know from helping me embed video on my blog, but I'm still providing tech support to my parents 3000 miles away.

Steph said...

DGB- Be thankful that your parents don't live in the same town and call you and want you to come look at your computer, etc.
Better yet, my dad calls me from work to ask me how to do something and when I ask if I can call him back b/c I'm busy he gets annoyed.

Thankfully they are great parents & grandparents, so I try to overlook the lack of their technology (esp. my dad's).

ZenMom said...

My mom's pretty tech savvy. She and Dad are even on Facebook now. (Yeah, that's not necessarily a good thing).

My grandparents, though, they crack me up. My mom's mom likes to email her family in Oklahoma (yeah, my family are Okies, y'all). And my dad's dad is addicted - no, really - to playing bridge online.

Seems like my mom has to help them fix something on their computers least once a week.

I have a feeling I would not find the situation as amusing if I was the one being called on for tech support. ;)

James (SeattleDad) said...

Although, our parents do think we must be brilliant knowing how to do all those fancy things.

Right? We are still thier little geniouses

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Oh good... since you are in the department of giving out fake praise...

I aced the HotDads test... so instead of calling me a stalker...I want a pat on the back! :) Meanie! Yes I read your comment! lol!

Mom said...

My mom can hardly use a regular cell phone, so I *am* impressed!

Daddy Geek Boy said...

YEO...I keep telling my parents that if they get a Mac, they would 1) be happier and 2) I could actually help them with computer problems.

Steph...Downside of them being 3000 miles free babysitting.

ZenMom...The thing is, I have no idea why their computer never works. In theory it should. But in theory, communism works. In theory.

James...My mom thinks I'm the smartest. I hope that someday she never learns the truth.

Shelle...No faint praise, I am impressed with your knowledge of us Hot Dads. But I will not take back the remark about you stalking us. Cause you and I both know that it's true. ;)

Mom...I will let my mom know that you're impressed.

Steph said...

DBG- Yes I have lots of free babysitting, and WonderWife and I have talked several times that there are good and bad things of having parents in town and out of town.

SweetPeaSurry said...

You're parents sound like my mother. Oddly enough my dad is tech savvy, yet ... my mother has me come over to program her tv. It's all kinds of weirded out!!!

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