Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Wit and Wisdom of The Bean

Did you know that Spider Man doesn't like to chew gum? This little nugget of wisdom was told to me by the Bean, directly after he told me that Spider Man chews vitamins.

I had no idea that my son had such an intimate working knowledge of Spider Man. But that's not all he knows. Here is a brief collection of some of the things the Bean has told me recently:

“If a pirate is standing on somebody they turn into a pirate.”

Question: "Are the animals and pirates in the rides at Disneyland real?"
The Bean: "They are real because they move."

“At the airport, they make us take off our shoes to check for scary crabs in them.”

The Bean calls Spongebob "Cheesebob" because, "he looks like cheese."

"Christmas snails. They are just around at Christmas time."

"This (firetruck) is a cheese truck because it has a camera on the back."

"A capri shirt is a shirt made out of capri pants."

"My talent is sleeping with people."

Question: "When you grow up are you going to be a doctor?"
The Bean: "No, I'm going to be an adult."


SciFi Dad said...


I love the "no, I'm going to be an adult" one.

Your escalator operator said...

1, Cheesebob is just about the best thing I've read all year. He's 100% right.

2, Bean might need his own blog pretty soon.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

WOW... that is great he know that his talent is sleeping with people... some people are really self conscience about that one!

That is so cute... he's got a lot going on up there!

Lady Mama said...

All makes sense to me...

Seriously sometimes there is nothing so great as the strange and wonderful things kids come up with.

Vancetastic said...

I don't think I knew what capri pants were until two years ago. Bean knows at age 3. Should I be concerned?

SweetPeaSurry said...

Supremely adorable. Kids are hilarious. My nephew the other day ... was telling me all about his trip to Tiajuana. I was thinking he might be working for the drug cartels!

Surfer Jay said...

Classic dude, really funny stuff.

Baylee said...

Oh, he sounds amazing!!! My big guy (will be 3 in October) was having a conversation with his dad about daddy going camping- he said "oh you're going camping dad? You need marshmallows" Brilliant I tell you- brilliant!!!