Friday, June 12, 2009

View From an Island, Part 3

Day 5: Eight is Enough
Today was the day when we realized that 8 days of vacation might be too much for a pre-schooler and an infant. Cries of, "I want to go home!" filled the air as we pulled back on some of our planned adventures for fear that we over-scheduled our kids.

However, the bittersweet knowledge that we wouldn't be able to do everything we wanted was easier to take by the gorgeous sunset.

Day 6: The Way the Whistle Blew
Because the ticket booth for the Sugar Cane Train was in the back of the gift shop, I had no choice but to buy the Bean a toy train. As the cashier was ringing it up, she said, “It plays music if you press this button.” Damn, I thought. She must not be a parent. She pushed down on the smokestack, but nothing happened. She offered to get me another one, but I quickly said the broken one would be great. She even took a few bucks off the price.

The next day, the Bean pushed the button and the train lit up and began playing highly annoying, tinny music and train sounds. It had miraculously been resurrected, much to the collective chagrin of WW™ and me. The Bean pushed that button over and over and over... Later, when he was out with WonderWife™, I took out the batteries and told him that it was broken again. The people on the plane ride home would've thanked me.

Day 7: “Yes, married.”
Oh yeah, we were there for a wedding. We had all but forgotten as the day approached.

It was held at a stunning oceanside plantation. I snuck off with my bride and we danced next to the waves as the sun was going down. This was by far the best moment of the entire vacation.

Day 8: As Luck Would Have It
Between check out and our flight, we had time to kill. A visit to the sugar museum did away with 20 of those minutes and resulted in the Bean getting a tablespoon worth of sugar in a small ziplock bag. He refused to put it away and carried it around, making it look like he was toting a drug stash. Later on the plane when he said, “I want sugar! I want sugar!” and I poured a little in his hand and he lapped it up, the drug metaphor still seemed apt.

The vacation gods were benevolent on this day as the plane was miraculously only a third full. I cannot remember a recently flight that has not been overstuffed to the gills. We spread our tired selves over six seats and had an uneventful, stress-free flight.

Every time we left the door of our condo in Maui, the Bean would ask, “On ramp?” (The kid loves going up on ramps. Don’t ask me why.) We would tell him that there were no on ramps on the island. In fact, there were no freeways on the island.

When we got in the car and headed for home the Bean told me, “I’m so happy there’s an on ramp.”

Welcome home, family. Welcome home.


SciFi Dad said...

The one bright side to that souvenir train is that soon, like all impulse purchases, it will descend to your basement, never to he heard from again.

We're doing an extended family vacation in July with our preschooler and infant (two weeks at a cottage; one with the four of us, one with my wife and kids and the inlaws while I go back to work). Now you're making me nervous.

cIII said...

Welcome Home, DGB.

Well played, Sir.

Your escalator operator said...

Just glad Bean didn't get detained by airport security with his "sugar."

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I fondly remember the little drum on a stick I got there as a kid. You would roll the stick between your hands and the little beads on the sides beat on the drum, back and forth. Really loudly. My dad thought it was an awesome way to wake us in the morning. It lost it's appeal after that.

Sounds like you had a good vacation and lots of happy memories anyway.

ZenMom said...

Funny, I go on vacation to get AWAY from on ramps. :P

Sounds like fun trip, overall, even if you didn't get to do "everything". That just means you'll have to go back again when the kids are just a little older, right? :)

SweetPeaSurry said...

Looks like a terrific trip! And that breakfast the other day? OMG!!! Heart attack city! It did look mighty tasty though. =)

RHW said...

Glad you guys had a good time!

We inadvertently cursed my sister-in-law on their plane ride home from a joint trip by giving her 4 year old a toy ferry (like the B.C. ferries). We knew it had a sound button, but thought the batteries weren't installed yet - they were.

We are waiting for retribution for the 5 hour flight they endured with this toy...

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

8 days is a LONG time!!! lol! I love your break down... makes me actually miss Hawaii... but my husband and I have decided that next time we go it's just BEACHES, MAUI, and US me and him!!!