Wednesday, June 10, 2009

View From an Island, Part 2

Day 2: “Lighten up, Francis.”
The Bean dubbed the Black Sand Beach “Coffee Beach”, which to me was actually a better and more accurate name.

After trying all of last summer to get the Bean to swim, he finally spent an enthusiastic 20 minutes in the pool at our hotel. Huzzah! He was captivated by a water jet which was aimed upwards and sent a geyser of water over the stairs. When the jet shut itself off, I joked to the Bean, “Why did you break the pool, buddy?”

His eyes got really big when he looked at me. They started to water. “I didn’t break the pool!”

The rest of the morning I was inundated with comments like, “That was mean, Daddy, to say I broke the pool. I Did. Not. Break. The. Pool. That was a bad trick!”

We got the swimming down, next we need to work on his sense of humor.

Day 3: This is Why I’m Fat
This was breakfast - the Loco Moco

A hamburger patty topped with an egg, sitting on a bed of bacon fried rice, covered with gravy. I can't begin to tell you how good this was.


Danielle said...

Wow, you are a mean daddy! :)
I would weight 200lbs if I ate that even just one time. YUCK

SciFi Dad said...

mmm... cardiac arrest on a plate... mmm...

cIII said...

Sweet Blocked Artery!!!

I want that soooo Bad. Can you order it with a side of Country Ham? Or Sausage....yea, Sausage!

Also. The Bean was bound to break something eventually. Maybe not the Pool, per say, but something.

Tell him you were being proactive.

Vancetastic said...


Daddy Geek Boy said...

Yes breakfast. Hawaii is a magical place.

Your escalator operator said...

That pool story was exc...


Oh, sweet jesus, that breakfast looks good.

James (SeattleDad) said...

If you are going to be fat, best be worth while. Chalk that one up in the win column.

Coffee Beach? I went to the wrong Island.

I need to return to the Island. Sorry, LOST in thought there.

ZenMom said...

Oh man, I can feel my arteries hardening just looking at that! Brings back good memories of our last trip to the islands, though. :)

Baylee said...

bacon is the most perfect food!!! I would've been right there eating the same thing!!!

fyi- The first time I ate at one of my now regular haunts- Rick's Tavern on Main St. in Santa Monica (burger madness baby) I ordered a burger- Meat cheese and bun (there may have been bacon involved too, I just don't recall) I ate the whole burger and my fries. The bartender looked at me and said- "You finished your whole plate!" I was confused "Yeah?" He said "Girls in L.A. don't eat like that!" To which I replied "I am not like most girls." Actually- I believe there is a little fat girl that lives inside of me (watch out when she gets all Southern about it- she takes her grits salty!!!) Ha ha ha....

So, here's to eating what we want.... even if our pants don't fit tomorrow!!!!

best- CA Momma