Thursday, June 25, 2009

Coconut M&M's & Reese's Dark

Little did I know when I stopped at the ‘Sev for coffee this morning that there would be not one, but two new candy surprises waiting for me.

The first was Coconut M&M’s.

In the candy world, the combo of coconut and chocolate is dominated by Mounds and Almond Joy. While I like these bars, I am not a fan of the tiny coconut bits that are always left in the mouth after eating, no matter how much one chews. The coconut M&M’s, however, don’t actually contain any real coconut so I was optimistic that this would not be a problem.

The coconut M’s are plumper than the normal variety. It’s as if the M&M’s spent a weekend eating nothing but bags of M&M’s. Texture wise, they are pretty much the same as their plain cousins. Inside the shell is coconut flavored dark chocolate. Surprisingly, the emphasis of flavor is on the coconut. They tasted very much like a compact version of a Mounds bar...but without the tiny bits. Very tasty.

Next, I moved onto Reese’s Dark peanut butter cups.

The Reese’s Dark package wasn’t adorned with a “new” or a “limited edition” but I had not seen it before. Apparently, Reese’s has mixed dark chocolate and peanut butter sporadically in the past—most recently last summer as a tie in with The Dark Knight. Somehow I missed it. So to paraphrase an old TV slogan, if I haven’t eaten it, it’s new to me.

Peanut butter is one of my favorite foods and I actually prefer dark chocolate to milk, so I was exited to try them. Opening the package, the most striking thing is that the cup is the same dark color as the famous wrapper. The dark chocolate is a great foil for the peanut butter and makes for a richer taste. While they are sweet, they are slightly less sweet than the milk chocolate variety. The salt in the peanut butter was sharper. I’m happy that Reese’s Dark didn’t come with a “limited edition” because I dare say that I would pick these over the milk chocolate ones.

Amazingly in this round, I went two for two in good new products. Now if anyone could tell me where I could find Strawberried Peanut Butter M&M’s, I would be a happy, happy geek.


Dan said...

There really is nothing like the joy of trying new chocolate bars. The best thing is to go to another counrty, then ,em>everything,/em>is new.

Your escalator operator said...

Sounds like you had the best breakfast ever. Thanks for the recs. Must try both.
As a follow-up, they should come out with Reese's After Dark.

Steph said...

I agree sounds like a great breakfast.

I try to stay away from the new sweets until I have some reviews.
I am going to be on the hunt for these the next stop at the grocery store.

I will look for the strawberry m&m's but haven't seen them.

SciFi Dad said...

I'm not a huge dark chocolate fan, so I'd probably pass on the Reese's, but the coconut M&Ms sound good. If only they'd sell them in Canada.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I think I just gained 5 pounds reading this post. Thanks.

Now I'm curious to taste those DARN m&m's!

You might want to put a warning on the top of your posts next time, I'll be virtually working out for days because of this!

ZenMom said...

Ditto to SFD. I don't really like dark chocolate - that's more the Husband's indulgence of choice. But the coconut M&M's? Those sound pretty yummy.

I do love chocolate and peanut butter, though. Pretty much the best food combination since ... ever.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I have to shudder at the m&m's. Coconut and I do not get along. They should really stick with the classic and peanut butter varieties and call it good.

As for the Reeses, oh that looks good. If you ask my son what he's most looking forward to about moving to the US? Peanut butter cups because you can't buy them here. I would agree.

Becoming Mommy said...


And they're nasty

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Dan...Amazing idea!

YEO...Believe it or not, I waited until the end of the day to eat them, so I could share with WonderWife™.

Steph...Good luck hunting.

SciFi...You don't think they'd sell them in Canada? I can mail you some.

Shelle...You're just reading about this stuff, I'm the one eating it. I put on the pounds for your enjoyment.

ZenMom...If only veggies tasted like peanut butter and chocolate, I'd be so healthy.

Andrea...It saddens me that you've had to live your life pb cup free.

Becoming Mommy...Noooooooooooooo! Really?? Say it ain't so.

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

I LOVE coconut.