Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Vay Kay Shun

It's really happening. After talking about it and planning it for what seems like several years (even though it's only been 9 months or so), the Geek Boy family is taking our first vacation. I've been trying not to be all Clark Griswold about it, but I have gone out and bought a vacation guide so we'll know how to best navigate the island of Maui with the kids in tow. Oh yeah, did I mention we're going to Hawaii?

Thankfully, Southern California is only a 5 hour plane ride from the magical islands of one of our best states. WonderWife™ and I are east coasters, so we've done the 5 hour plane ride before. (Okay, I'll admit that I personally have not done it with two kids, that honor goes to WW™ who did it by herself--twice.) But once we're on vacation, what then? Are the kids going to go crazy with the general lethargy and lack of structure that comes with a vacation? Or somehow will they get into the spirit and kick back with us? Only time will tell.

So all of you awesome readers, I open up the comment section for you to discuss your family vacation strategies, stories and tips. I've got to go finish packing. Now where did I leave my sunscreen and Speedos? *

Fear not, through the magic of technology (and the scheduling feature on Blogger), I'll be posting even when I'm gone. You won't even miss me.

*Kidding of course. I never use sunscreen.


TentCamper said...

Tis easy my man!!! Bring me and I'll watch the kids for you as you and WW go off to explore.

Other than tht...I have been on Vacation several times with young kids and it is easy...once you find the 'groove.' Also, many of the larger hotels do have daytime child care...if you guys need to have some adult time.

but seriously...I am available!!!!

SciFi Dad said...

Dude... James (Luke I Am Your Father) is going to Hawaii too. You should see if you can get together!

I'm reposting my comment from his similar question:

Never been to Hawaii, so my input is for the travel portion only.

1. Crayons and a pad of paper - make sure it's small enough that The Bean can use the meal tray for drawing on, but thick enough (or multiples of) so he doesn't run out.

2. Magnetic activities - we have a letters/numbers magnetic matching game that is basically a (relatively) thin (think the thickness of the first Harry Potter) metal tin that opens up to reveal magnets and associated games covering the interior. I'm sure you could find something at one of the more boring "educational" toy stores.

3. Download stuff to your iPod or phone or whatever helps soothe the savage beast.

Other than that, books (which take up a lot of space so maybe not) are good. If I think of anything else, I'll email you.

Your escalator operator said...

Lucky dog. Sounds excellent! But I hope - no, pray - that you find that, uh, sunscreen.

wendy said...

OH --PLEASE POST A PHOTO of you in the Speedo (tee,hee) what a great trip. My strategy--"just punt". My kids are all grown now and so now I have the pleasure of trips with just me and hubby------Hmmmmm, now those are N.I.C.E.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Of course we will miss you (cause you gave away that you'll be scheduling. Actually we will all be flipping jealous that you are in Hawaii.) You ought to wander over to Crash at She lives in Hawaii.

For Maui - The tropical Plantation is awesome and they have a train ride tour through the place which is pretty cool. Does pineapple grow in the ground? You'll have to take the tour to find out, I'm not giving it away ;)

I've been there twice as a teen (so that would be eons ago) but I do remember that being a fun place for all ages.

Hmm, I can't think what else other than beach and whale watching, snorkling which may be hard with little little ones. Kihei Bay Vista were condos where we stayed and had a kitchen if your inclined towards that which does make it easier with kiddos.

For travel: having done international solo trips with kids (to Taipei, the US and what not). For the older one, travel playdough. I know you're thinking NO Way but it will occupy them for hours. Etch Sketch or Magna Doodles, crayons/paper/book, there will be videos on the plane (and hey take the time to let it be the only tv they get if you like, your sanity will thank you). Lots of food, that alone can take up a fair amount of time. I always try to bring a few new toys (like dollar store or under $5 stuff) for them to unwrap on the plane. It helps keep them occupied with the newness factor for quite awhile. dot to dot books or kid friendly books about where you are going with coloring or something. Rand McNalley does a kids travel book with activities.

Other than that have FUN. ENJOY. And RELAX. That's what vacation is for.

And speedo pics, Yes, we must see those ;)

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

And sorry, that was a really long comment!

Eugene said...

I have some of my family travel tips here-

Have a great time in Hawaii!

ZenMom said...

Oh, I love Hawaii. We would move there tomorrow if we could. Maui's the one island we've never been to, though. Do you scuba? Diving in HI will spoil you for anywhere else. :)

Gwen said...

Hawaii? Fucking Hawaii? I love it there. I went to Hawaii for a week in 2005. We stayed on Oahu (in Honolulu) and also went to Kauai for a night. I preferred Kauai because it was less built up. Hiking is amazing there...apparently there are no dangerous animals on Hawaii so it's really safe. If you get a chance, go on a helicopter tour. That was really amazing. As for travelling with kids - I've only been to Florida with my daughter a few times to visit family. My only advice is the obvious: Bring lots of things to occupy them. I had assumed my daughter would sleep on the plane, but she was just too damn excited. If you have a portable DVD player, bring that. Also, non-messy snacks are a MUST. Maybe this is common knowledge, but I didn't know: You can bring carseats and strollers onto the plane. It was awesome to be able to have a stroller at the gate because my daughter can get a little rambunctious at times and hard to contain if she's not buckled in something. For me, the worst part about travelling with a child is going through security. Taking shoes off, getting shit up on the conveyor, it gets crazy. So just prepare for that to be a little hectic. Well, I don't know how helpful I've actually been here. Have a wonderful (and safe) vacation!

Product said...

Man, I wish to go to Hawaii. I heard actually it's raining a lot there, but still, I'd like to see it by myself. :-)

Missty said...

Ah Hawaii! Love it! My travel tip for kids. Pack a few "new items" for the plane ride. That new DVD they have wanted to watch, a new travel game - Target and Walmart have a ton of them, miniture board games.

Enjoy Maui! And don't try and do to much to fast - Enjoy it!!

Off to add my name to your followers.

Lady Mama said...

Oh I love Maui, you'll have a great time. I think it's a perfect place to take kids too. When I last went we didn't have kids but I noticed lots of families - it's a very family-friendly place.

I've no tips of coping with kids on holiday because we haven't done it yet. Good luck!

Super Mega Dad said...

I took a trip with my (then) 5 year old son from So. Cal. to the Bahamas and I didn't even really think of taking anything to entertain him. He entertained himself the entire 8 hours in flight with the magazines and plane emergency cards. I think he just enjoyed the whole experience.

However, we took a quick 2 hour trip up to Oregon with BOTH kids and had to lug half their bedrooms to entertain themselves. I think my 2 yr old needs much more entertainment. But cranyons and NEW coloring books are good as well as small NEW games and toys they haven't played with before. (So they are new and exciting. :)

Have fun!