Friday, May 1, 2009

Table Scraps Volume #3: Cooking & Movies as Gambling

There are so many little pieces of ideas that aren't quite enough for a full post. Seeing as being "green" is trendy these days, I like to recycle them every once in a while in a thing that I call Table Scraps.

I love to cook, though these days I don't do it very often. But when I do, I am not only compelled to tell people that I've cooked a meal, but also what I've cooked and how. I don't know why I do this. Conversing with me should not be like reading a menu. I'm confident that people don't care that the other night I made ahi tuna seared in sesame oil with edemame and garlic sautéed broccoli... (See, I'm doing it again.)

I know all of this, yet I pathologically keep doing it. Maybe it's because I watch too much Food Network, and have been conditioned by the chef/hosts to explain everything I do in the kitchen. Or maybe it's just a lame attempt to get attention by making something ordinary, like cooking food, seem extraordinary.


Being a fan of blockbuster movies is a lot like going to Vegas. Sometimes you’re going to win and sometimes you’re going to lose. The key is that you have to set it in your mind that you're going to walk away a loser. The hope is always that you’ll win, but more often than not, the house will take your money. Something very important to remember with the summer movie season fast approaching.

You may have noticed that I've started Tweeting. Yes, I know that I've said it a few times that I didn't have time for Twitter, but it's hard to be geeky and ignore something that's infiltrated pop culture to the degree that Twitter has. I've never claimed to be anything more than a mindless follower. And speaking of following...why don't you head on over there and become one of mine?


SciFi Dad said...

My folly is misreading "How did you make this?" for an invitation to dictate an entire recipe.

At a dinner party.

Jim @ said...

Don't get to the movies too often. It might soon be worth another trip to "Vegas" ... I am feeling lucky!

cIII said...

Throwing the dice tonight. As a big fan of Wolverine, I'm off to see it.

C'mon Logan....don't let me down. Daddy needs a new pair of shoes. "Pan Tossed Pene w/ Garlic Infused Seared Grape Tomato Ragu" is fancy-talk for...we ran out of sauce.

ZenMom said...

I actually like hearing about what other people are making and how. Guess I'm weird like that. Maybe it's because I don't do much actual cooking myself. And when I do, it's pretty simple stuff. Except the odd occasion when Alton Brown gives me delusions of culinary ability. :)

Your escalator operator said...

Good approach to movies - these days that seems to apply to all of 'em, not just blockbusters.

I feel the same way about twitter. Still can't figure out why I'm doing it, but there I am. I'll look back at it some day and cringe, I'm sure. Anyway, going to add you now...

Daddy Geek Boy said...

SciFi...The only time that I don't really talk about cooking is when people ask me about it. I guess part of my pathology is to only talk about it unsolicited.

Jim...Thanks for reading. I checked out your blog and now there's a whole bunch of stuff that I want to buy.

c111...I'm seeing it on Sunday. Fingers crossed. And you should write menus. Your description of Ragu is amazing.

zenmom...if you ever want to talk food, you just let me know.

YEO...I'll see you on Twitter. I can't believe that I'm actually doing it.

-Justin said...

Good stuff. I don't generally discuss my culinary ability, but I do puff out my chest just a little further around the house when I pull something tasty off!

Movies are a roll of the dice, yet at the same time as there been a better time to be a geek? Come on, we love to shell out the bucks and gripe later.

Just look at the Star Wars prequels...

Youngblood4ever said...

Hey, I was not aware that talking about food is bad. If that's the case, AWWW CRAP! I love food. Love to eat it, love to talk about it, and yes, I even dream about it. I think we could have some fab conversations, don't you?