Monday, March 16, 2009

Jumbo Krispies

WonderWife™ came home from running errands with a glint in her eye and placed a grocery bag on the counter. Inside was a box of Jumbo Krispies cereal. There was no question about the newness of this product, what with the giant banner screaming “new” in big bold yellow letters on the top fifth of the box.

Jumbo Krispies are exactly that…larger sized versions of the classic. The box is still adorned with good ol’ Snap, Crackle and Pop. However, modernization has given them sort of a demonic anime look that, frankly, makes me question if I can trust them. Jumbo Krispies are a result of the current multi-grain “health” bandwagon and because it’s just not breakfast without sugar, they are “lightly” sweetened with honey.

Jumbo Krispies have the appearance of regular Krispies if you were looking at them under a magnifying glass after they’ve been injected with Botox. They retain the classic shape, but don’t have the rough texture and therefore will not “talk” when introduced to milk, which is kind of a bummer. Can a cereal really be called “Krispie” if it doesn’t talk in milk? While pondering this existential question, I opened the box. The Jumbos have a lighter texture and aren’t as crunchy as their original cousins. But be warned, they will get gummy if they soak up too much milk, so they must be eaten quickly. I wonder if this trait makes them less of a candidate for Krispie Treat-dom, which is no doubt the best Krispie application. The closest taste I can approximate for the Jumbos is Cinnamon Toast Crunch. They actually walk that line of “lightly sweet” without being too much of one or the other.

All in all, Jumbo Krispies are pretty good. I like the multi-grain aspect to it, though original Krispies have never been considered a bad-for-you cereal (unless you dump spoonfuls of sugar on them, like I used to when I was a kid). They’re tasty and surprisingly filling. I just wish they didn’t get so soggy, so fast.


Your escalator operator said...

Thanks for the tip! Can't wait to try these. You're right about so many things, but especially: CAN they be krispies if they don't make a sound? (And what if they fall in the forest?)
Also, I, too used to eat tons of original Krispies, covered - and I mean COVERED - in sugar. I want 'em now!
Nice goin' WW!!

Steph said...

I'm really curious how these would taste with Rice Krispy Treats. DD has decided she really likes the treats and asks for them almost daily. Think I may have to put them to the test.