Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Drop the Cat

The water was flowing from spout to tub. Clothes had been discarded. Teeth brushed. I was just about to plop the Bean into the bath when I turned around and saw him.

“Drop the cat! Drop the cat! Drop the cat NOW!”

The Bean was struggling to lift the cat into the tub. The cat, usually abnormally curious about the bath, was desperately clawing for freedom. It finally squirmed out of the Bean’s arms and fled the bathroom faster than a cheetah on amphetamines. My patience with the Bean's shenanigans had been slowly eroding over the evening. It was lecture time. I knelt down to the Bean’s level and demanded that he look me in the eye. I gave him parent speech #37 about needing to listen.

When I’m done, the Bean looked down sheepishly. He waited two beats, grabbed his penis, defiantly pointed it up at me and said, “Psssssssshhhhhh!”

I was angry, but I gotta say, the kid has excellent timing.


SciFi Dad said...

You have amazing self restraint. I probably would have said something like, "Mine's bigger. Get in the bath."

(Also, not that you asked, but your feed footer is a little wonky. Try replacing the ________ with the following code without the spaces:

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I think it'll give you the effect you want.)

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

OMG, that is hilarious and made a great "bloggable" story. That poor cat must have been scared sh*tless.

Super Mega Dad said...

Too funny!

Sounds like daddy needs a night out with the buds. :)

Vancetastic said...

That's just bizarre. You should have him checked out. Not really.

Emily said...

Your son has excellent comic timing.