Friday, February 20, 2009

Table Scraps Volume #2: Galoshes, Doh and Marbles

Most of the things I write wind up as full posts on this here blog. But every so often I'm find myself with bits and pieces of ideas that aren't enough of a meal to be served on their own. Here are a few more:

Since we’re at the beginning of what passes for winter here in Southern California, which is marginally chilly weather and about 4 inches of rain spread out over five and a half months, the Bean has had occasion to wear his new galoshes. They each have a dragon’s face covering the toes. Now he wants to wear them wherever he goes…raining or not.

The boots are big enough that he can put them on himself and he has the uncanny ability to put them on the wrong feet every single time and stubbornly refuses to switch them. He marches out the front door (into public mind you) with the boots pushing up his jeans, making them look like puffy director pants, and boots on the wrong feet, which cause him to walk with a wobbly gait. He looks like a demented soldier.

Who is the bigger kid: the Bean, who loves to play with Play Doh and his marble run, or me, who loves to play with Play Doh and the marble run?

The Bean got some awesome gifts for his birthday. A Play Doh sized tub filled with an insane amount of accessories (I’m serious…more than I ever had as a kid combined). There is something insanely satisfying about playing with Play Doh. It smells amazing. Plus, I get to show the Bean how to make “hair” by squishing it through some of the molds that came in the tub. And did you know that if you mix every color of Play Doh together, you get sort of a dark bruise-like color?

The marble run was given to the Bean by the sons of one of my best friends. But when my buddy gave me a wink as his boys handed over he present, I knew that it was really a gift from him to me.


Andrea said...

Wonderwife was nice enough to share your blog with us (her internet pals).

Anyways just had to let you know that you aren't the only one with a wonderful dark purplish shade of play doh - actually that is now the only color in our house.

minmate said...

Just wait until the Bean gets into the wearing a superhero costume phase. My son was Spiderman for 18 months straight. We had to buy multiple Spidey costumes so he could wear them daily. He even wore one UNDERNEATH his pirate Halloween costume one year.

I'd forgotten about how fun Play-Doh can be. Might have to dig ours out...