Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Table Scraps Volume #1: Football Season

In order to maintain the high quality level you've come to expect from this blog, I end up writing a lot, nearly every night. The majority of the stuff I compose is posted here. But there are always some stragglers--rough bits and pieces that don't quite have a home or aren't quite finished. Since it's trendy to be green these days, I figured I would recycle 'em by sharing them with you. They're somewhat raw and unrefined...but hey, aren't we all?

I wrote this back in August, but am posting it now in honor of the Super Bowl.


It’s football season again. A time when I’m filled with good intentions, like when you make a New Year’s resolution or start a diet on a Monday after a weekend spent gorging BBQ and fried food. I go into every fall thinking that this is going to be the year that I follow the entire season. That I’ll get into football. That I’ll know enough to be able to have a conversation with an actual football fan.

But like I said, I’m filled with good intentions but very little follow through.

I really like football. But when push comes to shove, I just don’t have a lot of time to devote to it. To really follow football takes a great deal of time. A single game lasts around four hours. That’s time that I just don’t have. I’m juggling multiple children and a wife I barely see. I usually have a few hours worth of work on the weekends. There’s usually a movie that I need (okay, want) to see, TV to watch and an ever-growing list of places to surf on the intertubes.

Though none of this actually stops me from wanting to follow football. So while I promise myself that this year I’m really going to pay attention, I never do. As a result, I’m inevitably left out of a lot of conversations with other guys from September till January.


SciFi Dad said...

I like the table scraps concept, as well as the content of this particular scrap.

Your escalator operator said...

Good scrap!

I definitely know what you mean, although each year I find it harder to justify sitting in front of the set for 3 hours to watch a game. It was easier to rationalize doing it when I was in Chicago, the weather sucked and the only sane move was to stay inside - not so in L.A.!

Your escalator operator said...

Not related to your latest post, but you've heard about this, right? (

Daddy Geek Boy said...

To borrow a phrase from Jess at the I Was Told There Would Be Bacon Blog...sweet bacony christ!!!

Vancetastic said...

Follow baseball instead. I know you wouldn't think you'd like it, but really, you will. I'll get you started in a fantasy league. It'll be fun.

The previous comment was brought to you by "Things That Have a Snowman's Chance in Hell of Happening."

minmate said...

An idea for next year's football season... I love football but have found I too, am sometimes short on time so my solution has been to watch ESPN SportsCenter Sunday night. I also watch ESPN while working out in the a.m. -- easy to stay conversant enough while investing only about 30 minutes of time as opposed to dedicating 4 hours per game.