Monday, January 19, 2009

So It's Come To This

WonderWife™ and I were sharing a rare moment snuggling on the couch watching TV together when we heard something over the baby monitor. We mute the TV and both lean in the direction of the monitor, which is what you’re required to do when you’re listening to something really intently.

“I think he’s meowing,” I say to WW™.

“No,” she replies. “He was a banana today.”

“But he was a kitty cat tonight.”

We both sit silently for a moment, pondering this.

“The scary thing,” I said. “ Is that to us, this is a completely normal conversation.”


Emily said...

But the more important question is what noises did he make as a banana?

Vancetastic said...

Damn Emily, you always take the good comments.

Nicole said...

Personally, I'd take banana and cat over bird anyday... our 20 month old is in the process of teaching our 6 month old how to screech like a bird, and it's not at all pretty.