Wednesday, January 7, 2009

People Suck

Do you know how I know this? Craigslist.

I understand that times are tough and you may not want to buy the home theater system I'm selling, but if you send me an email and tell me your interested and we go so far as to negotiate the price, and you end up changing your mind, at least have the courtesy to fire off a quick message back to me to let me know, instead of just disappearing...never to be heard from again.

This has happened three times.

I'm not even going to go get started on the scammer who wanted me to ship the thing to Europe, with the promise of paying full price once it was in transit. I'm not stupid enough to actually fall for that one.

Screw it. I'm donating to Goodwill.


minmate said...

what a bummer for you. glad you haven't gotten scammed though. Donating it and taking the write off is probably the best bet. Or do you have any friends who could put it to good use, or who have young adult children who are in college/just out of college that would at least appreciate it? Good luck.

Andromeda said...

have you checked out it's pretty cool, and everything is free. plus, people have to register, so the listing is not just floating out there in cyberspace. there is bound to be a dozen chapters near you.

Sadie said...

It's a good deed and a tax write off for the value you could have sold it for. Good choice with the Goodwill. I love Goodwill!