Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Bacon Bar

I’m not sure exactly why, but recently bacon is popping up in places that bacon has never been before. Like a candy bar.

I had heard a lot about the now legendary Bacon Bar but had not yet had one. When I saw them for sale as an impulse item near the register at Whole Foods, I didn’t hesitate for a moment to buy one. I didn’t realize until much later that I had paid a whopping $7.50 for the thing. At the time it just didn’t matter.

Arriving at home, I unpacked the groceries and left the candy bar sitting on the counter. After putting the kids down for their naps, WW™ turns to me and says, “So you going to open that thing or what?”

There is a reason why I married this woman.

I’ve had many conversations with friends about this confection. Most people I know are immediately turned off by the idea. But salty and sweet is just about the best food combo known to man, so I was more than game to try it.

The first taste that hit was the dark chocolate. It took a few chews before I could get past the chocolate and find the other flavor, smoke. WW™ took a bite and immediately tasted the smoke. But for me, it was buried too far in the back. I kept eating, hoping for more bacon.

After finishing the bar, I must admit that I was a little disappointed. Maybe I was expecting too much from the Bacon Bar. I mean it was good, but I guess that I was hoping that the Bacon Bar would be more like a piece of bacon dunked in chocolate, like a chocolate covered pretzel. Instead, it was just a candy bar with a smattering of finely chopped pork product inside.

Don’t get me wrong the Bacon Bar was tasty. I’d eat it again in a heartbeat. The very idea that somebody made a candy bar with bacon in it makes me immensely happy. But at the end of the day, it wasn’t the transcendent salty/sweet experience that I was hoping for.

But maybe that wasn’t the point. Maybe just the idea in and of itself should be enough.


Rohan's Mom said...

I think you're right - this is definitely a case of the idea being brilliant, but there is no way it would ever meet your expectations.

Better to fry your own bacon and dip it in a fondue pot.

Your escalator operator said...

Vosges has some wacky combinations. I tried one with wasabi and ginger, I think.

Maybe you should sprinkle some bacon salt on it next time.

Evie_Edlund said...

If you want a stronger smoky taste with the chocolate, try BBQ chips and chocolate.

kommishonerjenny said...

i thought it would be a strip of bacon dipped in chocolate too, and was disappointed. but i thought the salty and chocolate came together to taste like caramel. it was kind of a wierd effect, but i liked it.