Tuesday, December 16, 2008

There Is a Santa

Christmas spirit is in full effect at my house. But DGB aren't you Jewish, you ask? Yes. Yes I am. But honestly, what little kid can resist the twinkly allure of Christmas? And who are we to keep it from him?

So coming on the heels of the Bean asking if he could give Santa a hug, WW™ took him to the mall today to meet Santa.

"Did you meet anyone special today?" I asked the Bean as soon as I got home.

"The real Santa," he said excitedly. "The extra-real Santa."


WW (TM) said...

Dude, he was in love. Never in the history of Santa queues was there a boy who was more excited or more at home on Santa's lap.

SciFi Dad said...

Score one for the gentiles! j/k

Good for you that you're open enough to let your son sit on Santa's lap, though. I for one am impressed.