Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bacon Up That Salt, Boy!

There has been a void of new products in my life lately, so I was happy for a number of reasons to learn about Bacon Salt. Yes, you read that right. Bacon Salt. According to legend, two guys won some money on “America’s Funniest Videos” and decided to use it to bring bacony goodness to the masses. (Ah “AFV”, you continue to bring joy to my life in delightfully unexpected ways.)

The package was waiting on my doorstep when I returned from my Thanksgiving travels. This morning, I decided to take it for a test drive. After careful consideration, I felt that scrambled egg whites would be a great showcase for the salt. I went with the “peppered” flavor cause what goes together better than bacon and eggs and salt and pepper?

Opening the can, my olfactory senses were hit with an artificial smoky smell that reminded me of Bac-Os. I thought it smelled good and turned to WonderWife™ for confirmation. She turned up her nose and respectfully declined to participate in any of the morning’s salt and bacon activities.

There is no actual bacon in Bacon Salt. Surprisingly, it’s Kosher, which is as confounding to me why they make turkeys out of tofu. The Bean overheard WW™ and I talking about this and sternly reminded us, “There’s no bacon in eggs!”

“There will be soon,” I said as a fired up the skillet.

I set my Bacon-Salted eggs, which had been tinted a slight orange due to their seasoning, on the kitchen table and took a taste. The first bite was glorious. The egg whites, normally bland and lifeless, took on the unmistakable spicy, smoky flavor of peppered bacon. Barely able to contain my joy, I took another bite.

The Bean noticed my pleasure and asked for a taste. Chewing voraciously, he turned to me and said, “That’s really good!”

“Oh, I know Buddy Boy. I know”


Your escalator operator said...

Day-um. I might have to sign myself up for some of that stuff. I liked your mention that there's no bacon in it - it'd be even cooler if there was also no salt. I'm sure someone's working on it.

Jess said...

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Bacony Stuff.

You know you need to get the Baconnaise now, right? It's transcendental. I shit you not.

SciFi Dad said...

Mmmm... cardiac arrest in a shaker... arghplfs....

Emily said...

You MUST try Baconnaise (made by the same company); it seriously tastes like spreadable bacon. The possibilities are endless.

Daddy Geek Boy said...

I will. I will. I actually have a jar of it. I'm looking (longingly) at it right now. But the holidays are almost amongst us and I have other plans for that jar.

My son and I are loving the salt though. Loving it!

Lady Geek Boy said...

The holidays are upon us and you have other plans for that jar?!?!Because nothing says "the holidays" like some bacon goodness??!?! Good lord, huz, what are you planning? I can only hope that they don't involve me and/or a Slip N Slide. Sigh.

On another note, it's "The Bean overheard WW™ and Me." Me. Have you already forgotten my cool trick (cool tricks, cool tricks!) to determine I vs. Me?

Daddy Geek Boy said...

I never claimed to be no eng-lush genius type person.