Friday, December 26, 2008

The Obligatory End of Year Movie List Post

As with wine, there are some years that produce crops of great movies (1985, 1999 to name just a few). I’ve enjoyed being a movie geek these past 12 months because 2008 has been one of those years. It’s been especially good for comedy. Aught Eight started inauspiciously when MEET THE SPARTANS not only was released, but actually made money. But the year quickly turned itself around and we were treated to a plethora of funny.

Since it’s a strictly enforced law that every blogger must write an end of the year list, and I pride myself on not being a troublemaker, here are what I consider the best comedies of the year (in no particular order):

This flick had a lot had a lot going for it—a lush Hawaiian setting, a great cast, the Apatow comedy stamp of approval, Kirsten Bell in a bikini—but Brit comic Russell Brand that really stole the show in a role that looked totally cheesy in the trailer, but was brilliantly funny in context. Well, that and a penis. An aside: people talked about how “brave” Jason Siegel was to expose himself on screen. It wasn’t brave. It was showing off.

That dude playing a dude disguised as the other dude was a stroke of genius.

My hero Seth Rogen brings his love of weed and 80’s movies to the big screen—complete with an action movie ending and capped off with a Huey Lewis song.

A while ago, some of the guys from “The State” made a movie that I love, WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER. A few years later, they got back together and invited Stifler to the party. Nicely done.

Why didn't anyone see this movie? People, it's really good. It's really sweet. It's also balls out funny (literally).

I know what you’re thinking…really? Yes, really. Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly completely commit to the humor here. It goes way beyond the absurdity of ANCHORMAN, yet somehow it works. And it’s inspired me to get my family to perform an a capella version of “Sweet Child O’ Mine” on every road trip we take from now on.

Don’t dismiss this as just a “kids” cartoon. This was not only one of the best action movies of the summer, but a truly funny comedy—Jack Black fan or not.

Pixar movies are genius. We all know that. This one is no exception.

Even though they gave away most of the funniest jokes in the trailer, this one was still amusing. Plus, Steve Martin was truly funny and not totally selling out doing another PINK PANTHER remake or one of those “Isn’t It Wacky That I’m Taking Care of 18 Kids!” movies.

A raunchier re-telling of THE SURE THING. This movie was in theaters for about three minutes and only about five people saw it (including me and my friend who went with me), but it’s really funny. I think this one is destined to be a DVD classic.

There you go. My Blogger membership has now been extended for another year.


Emily said...

A lot of those are on my Netflix queue, so I'll be looking forward to getting them.

I was a little disappointed with Baby Mama, but I think it was mostly because I love Tina Fey, and my expectations were high.

SciFi Dad said...

Unfortunately, by failing to mention The Dark Knight, Iron Man, or The Incredible Hulk, you will be forced to abandon your "Daddy Geek Boy" moniker.

Henceforth, I shall refer to you as Schlomo.

Daddy Geek Boy said...

SciFi...Ah, but this was a list devoted to comedy.

IRON MAN, DARK KNIGHT and INCREDIBLE HULK were discussed earlier this summer. I refer to you the posts "I'm Still Here" and "Man of Iron" for proof.

I'm glad you're a fan of HULK. I thought it was one of the great surprises of the summer.

Considering that I spent the greater part of last night playing video games and watching "The Venture Brothers" until the wee hours, I feel confident that my "geekboy" status remains.

My the Force Be With You,

Derek said...

I'm glad you included Step Brothers, and it sounds like it wasn't just for my benefit!

However, Baby Mama? Blecch.

As the friend who went with you, I agree on Sex Drive, and actually rank it higher than some of the other movies that are conventionally considered the funniest of the year.

I may be trying to see Role Models this weekend at a cheapo theater so as to be able to include it on my own ever-controversial year-end movie list, which includes all the genres and is due out the morning of the Oscar nominations.