Monday, December 1, 2008

Musings From a Week in the Sunshine State

Six adults + Two Toddlers + One Infant / One Computer (with limited battery power) = No Time for Blogging.

When is a vacation not a vacation? When it’s spent carting a toddler and an infant across the country, across the state of Florida and back again.

I have no idea how or why anyone with more than two kids travels anywhere.

The journey from the gate to baggage claim in the Miami airport is epic in length.

Alamo Rent-A-Car does not clean their vehicles after each rental, which is why there was a half empty bottle of Maker’s Mark in the trunk of the first one I tried to rent.

There’s a lot of talk about the drivers in LA being crazy, but they have nothing on the ones driving Alligator Alley.

My mom loves nothing more than a Thanksgiving morning where the house smells like roasted turkey and the Macy’s Parade is on TV. And I love her for that.

It’s very difficult to teach a bunch of retired goys the proper way to pronounce “kugel”, especially when there is drinking involved.

In a house with eight people, you have to really fight for leftovers.

After a bit of gentle coaxing, finally, finally, finally the Bean goes swimming.

There is nothing better than seeing grandparents gush over their great-grandchildren.

Given the chance, Sprout will charm the pants off of complete strangers.

I now have a fishing tale about “the one that got away.” (It was a big one, I promise you!)

WALL-E is not an engaging movie for toddlers, even if it’s projected on a giant outdoor inflatable screen. BOLT, on the other hand, will keep them riveted.

If you’re going to have a press conference in an airport about how well-run said airport is, it would be best not to have it cause congestion in the middle of the terminal. (Thanks Miami.)

If you’re in the middle of a five and a half hour flight with a (nearly) three year old and your DVD player stops working, don’t panic. Make sure you have lots of snacks and lots of Play Doh and you may survive with your sanity intact.


SciFi Dad said...

Play Doh is like The Force for parents of toddlers; it gets everywhere and it holds the world together.

Your escalator operator said...

Based on previous trips, I second that on the Miami airport. That walk is so freaking long, I swear the jetways must all be in Anchorage. Although I haven't had the pleasure of navigating the place during a poorly timed news conference. Nice going, indeed.
Funny post!