Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Daddy's Little Tax Break

Three years ago today, WonderWife™ and I were gearing up for a sweet fondue NYE party with some friends. (Yes, a fondue party. In the 70s it was trendy, today it's kitschy.) But the Bean had other plans for us and graced us with his presence a week early. Maybe the idea of dipping stale bread in warm cheese wasn't appealing to him. Or maybe he's like his old man and arrives at places early because he gets antsy waiting at home. I guess I will never know.

So while the rest of the world pontificates about the year and ushers in a new one, we will be celebrating the Bean's birthday.

I have to stare really hard in order to see that wrinkly, squirmy baby Bean when I look at him these days. He's a full fledged little boy with the world's greatest mop of curly hair. He fills our home with laughter. He's really good to his little sister and his pets. He makes me proud every day. Plus, he loves physical comedy.

This is the first year that he's aware of his own birthday. He's really excited. And of course, so am I.

Happy birthday Bean!

And to the rest of you...Happy New Year.

(By the way, we never did get invited back to our friends for that fondue. Oh well, someday I suppose.)

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