Friday, November 21, 2008

You Have Chosen...Wisley

My TV viewing habits have had to radically change since having kids. Time is precious and I can’t follow as many shows as I’d like. So for me, every new TV season is like playing Russian Roulette (but with a slight less probability of gruesome death). Tivo only compounds this problem by allowing you to collect new shows like baseball cards. The hard drive soon becomes like a giant “to-do” list, providing more hours of programming than I can cram into a week. (These blogs don’t write themselves, you know.) My OCD acts up and I get all stressed out about having to watch everything I’ve recorded.

So at the beginning of each new TV season, I need to pick and choose my shows very carefully. It’s like eating at a good restaurant. I don’t want to fill up on bread and not have room for the main course. Making a commitment to watch “Knight Rider”* means I won’t be able to enjoy “Mad Men.” By the way, I got tired of the gasps and disappointed nodding everyone gives me when I say I’m not watching “Mad Men” so I tuned in to an episode. Turns out, unless you’ve watched it from the very beginning, you’re not going to think it’s the best show on television. Considering it took me the better part of a year to catch up on “Battlestar Galactica” on DVD, and that was when I had one kid, I don’t foresee being able to devote enough time to dive into another show now that I have two.

It’s with a sigh of relief when I hear about shows being canceled that I have chosen not to watch. “My Own Worst Enemy”, “Pushing Daises” and “Dirty Sexy Money”, we hardly knew ye. I’m sorry if you’re a fan of these shows. But to me, their cancellations means that I’ve chosen wisely.

Now if I could only add another few hours to the day, I might be able to watch “The Shield.”

*For the record, I am not watching "Knight Rider."


Jules said...


Daddy Geek Boy said...

See? Once again, I chose wisely.

Emily said...

You're right about Mad Men. It's great, but you can't really pick it up in the middle. Same with Pushing Daisies actually.

I think that makes it hard for shows to survive; if they don't pick up viewers RIGHT AWAY, they're never going to get them.

That's probably why all of the versions of Law & Order have lasted for so long; you can watch one episode and totally follow what's happening.

Your escalator operator said...

I'm with you on Mad Men. I tried to watch the season premiere for the same reason, and was sorely disappointed.
So what are your must-sees for this season?

Daddy Geek Boy said...

I haven't picked up many new shows this year. I've already expressed my love for "Time Warp". I've really been digging "True Blood" on HBO.