Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Shoes

The shoes have been sitting outside on the front stoop for over three months. Since their arrival on my doorstep, I have despised their presence. Yet, I have done nothing to remove them.

The shoes in question are a pair of the Bean’s mesh sneakers, whose soles had been besmirched with goat poop after a trip to a petting zoo and placed outside until they could be cleaned. Days went by and they sat there, uncleaned. I certainly wasn’t going to do anything about them. In my mind, I had concocted a solid argument why they were not my responsibility. The weeks went by and I would walk past the shoes and remind myself that they were soiled at a petting zoo. I don’t even really like petting zoos. In fact, the only reason that I have visited petting zoos in the past was because the kid loves them. And since the incident happened at a place I would never be responsible for bringing the boy, I was cleared of cleaning the shoes. Plus, I wasn’t even at this particular petting zoo when dookie met shoe. Of course, it never occurred to me to discuss this with WonderWife™. So on the steps the shoes remained.

One day, I finally decided to do something about the shoes. Because I am not the decision maker in my house, I asked WonderWife™ if I should just throw them out. She rolled her eyes and said, “I will clean them.” I guess my displeasure with the shoes didn’t go as unnoticed as I had thought. I was asked to bring in the shoes and put them on the floor near the sink, which I did.

The stoop remained shoe free for one whole glorious day, then they were returned, sopping wet, to the stoop to dry. And they have remained there ever since.


musing said...

It was a happy day when all my kids were old enough to clean their own dirty shoes!

Emily said...

Kind of reminds me of my relationship with my college roommates; no one would take out the trash because they felt like it was someone else's turn, and it started a whole war of attrition situation where we all just waited to see who would break down first.