Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Androgynous Kitty

A few months ago, I rescued a feral kitten. After many trips to the vet, a few weeks quarantined in our bathroom, two soiled comforters, a “de-stressing” regime and a lot of TLC, our kitten has fully integrated into our lives and become a loved member of our family.

During the kitten’s first checkup, the vet turned the cat over and proclaimed it a girl. And so as a girl she’s lived…until a few days ago. It was WonderWife™ who first noticed bumps around the kitten’s nether regions when the kitty was lounging on her back on our couch. I took a gander as well and sure enough, there sat a couple of furry nuggets, which either suggested that our kitten had something seriously wrong with her or she had been living a lie.

A new vet appointment confirmed that the initial vet was mistaken. Our little girl cat is really a boy.

It almost doesn’t matter now since as of this morning the kitten’s newly discovered nads are sitting on a jar in an animal hospital somewhere in the Valley. I just wonder how the Bean is going to process that he needs to now refer to his kitten as a “he.”


Emily said...

Did the kitty at least have a name that could go both ways? My cat's name is Bernard, so I don't think he would take too kindly to finding out he's a girl.

Your escalator operator said...

Hilarious! I'm curious about the name, too.
We adopted a stray last year. At first, for no particular reason, we assumed the cat was a female and we called her Tess. But after the vet visit, we decided he might like "Teddy" better.

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Thankfully yes, the kitten's name is Ginko. However, we used to have a girl cat called Murray, so we're no stranger to gender confusion.

Brian Lynch said...

I'm bummed, I can't marry that cat now. Thanks a lot, Prop 8.

Sadie said...

The same thing happened with my brother's cat. They named her Josie until one day they noticed something different about Josie's junk. She was a he. They call him Joey now.