Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dear Sprout,

It’s unfortunate that you and I haven’t been able to spend a lot of time together these past few months. Your brother’s boundless energy combined with an unwillingness to leave my side during the weekends makes it hard for us to get in any real daddy/daughter time. In the morning you usually get up just as I have to leave for work and in the evening, you’re down for the night by the time I get home, It’s also been hard because you’ve been attached to your mother. Literally. And that’s why I want to talk to you now.

It’s been a tough three months for all of us. You, getting settled in after your big move from the womb to the world. Mom and me, trying to get the hang of a life where two small people need very different but very important things from us. Surprisingly, your brother has been a rock, barely seeming to register that so much has changed. But truthfully, it’s been the hardest on your mom. She’s the one who’s been taking the most care of you. She’s the one who’s been unable to leave your side for more than an hour or two. But you can help her. There’s a single thing that you can do which will make your mom so happy.

Drink from a bottle.

It’s really quite a simple request if you stop to think about it. You’re still going to get all of the same delicious milk that you’re getting from the tap. Trust me, it’s bottled at the source. Except instead of nuzzling up against your mom’s warm chest, you’ll be nuzzling up against mine, which I’ve been told isn’t such a bad thing. And I promise you that you won’t go hungry. With Dad, it’s always like a Vegas buffet—as much as you can drink.

Most importantly, you’ll give your mommy freedom. She loves you dearly, but she desperately needs to spend some quality time by herself or with your brother or with Daddy. And you and I need to be able to do stuff together. I’ve got a lot of cool things to show you in this world. Trust me, by the time you’re a teenager you will know exactly what I mean.

So once again, I ask you for one thing, please…just drink from a bottle.

I love you madly,



Megling said...

You tell that mama that I feel her pain. Good luck with the bottle, I got no freedom until sippy cups. sigh.

Evie_Edlund said...

The only thing that worked for my oldest was formula in the bottle. It was either breastmilk "on tap" or formula in the bottle. Which made a good 6 weeks of pumping utterly pointless :-/