Friday, September 5, 2008

Found 'Em

I don’t know why these little buggers were so difficult to find, but I finally managed to snag some Strawberry Crème Cakesters. I found just one box left on the shelf. People have told me that they've seen them all over. So, like the swarms of killers bees moving up from the south, have the Strawberry Cakesters been taking their time to get to Southern California, or are they just really popular?

Eating the Strawberry Cakester is akin to eating a cupcake that’s been turned inside out. Imagine leaving a slice of cake on the counter for two days and you pretty much have the idea of a Cakester, which is to say--a little try and a little stiff. The cream in this one has the consistency of frosting and tasted like artificial strawberry. Like their cousins, these Cakesters are super sweet and probably not for everyone. But all in all, I like them. Not as much as the regular Nilla ones, but more than the Oreos. I also like that they keep bringing out new Cakester flavors. Bring on the peanut butter and I'll be a very happy guy.

Other than that, it’s been a pretty dry summer for new products. The shelves are largely filled with the same stuff I always see. There was the Rocky Road Snickers bar, but honestly aside from a little bit of marshmallow tucked in there, it wasn’t worth talking about. It didn't seem all that different from a regular Snickers.

I wonder if the trend of monkeying around with new flavors or limited editions has tapered off.


stacey said...

YOu need to try Ben and Jerry's CInnamon Buns ice cream (new flavor) DELISH!!!!!!!

Mama to tha Max said...

No the new trend now is vintage labels. Have you seen these? They have the actual original labels for the m&ms and such and then what they think the vintage labels for 3 musketeers would look like.

They are the newest in innovative food silliness.

Lucasb said...

DGB, I picked these up this weekend, on your recommendation. Not too bad. I've seen these around for a while but hadn't tried them until now. I can't seem to find the "original" Nill Cakesters, though, they always seem to be sold out...