Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Did You Feel That?"

It was pretty obvious from the first shake that we were having an earthquake. Everyone in my office quickly scattered to our office door jambs and looked at each other with blank expressions until it subsided. Immediately after the building stopped moving, some unseen person down the hall asked the most obvious question, but one that needed to be said, "Did you feel that?" As soon as it was over, my first thought was, “Where is my family?”

Mom-in-Law left early this morning and today is the first day that Jules has both kids on her own. When I called both the house and her cell and left messages, I tried not to get too worked up. The quake wasn’t too bad. A 5.8. They were calling it moderate. But still, I'm a nervous person by nature. I just wanted to know that everybody was okay before my brain started spinning wild, adrenaline-fueled scenarios.

She called a few minutes later. Everybody’s fine. Of course they are.

It’s moments like these that remind me that I’m truly in love and that I’m absolutely a parent.

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