Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We Fit

In the six months since I bought the Wii, I have been mocked—ruthlessly and relentlessly—by my wife, who apparently seemed to forget that she married a geekboy. She cannot suppress the urge to walk by, roll her eyes and mutter “geek” whenever I’m playing. I knew that WonderWife™ wasn’t into video games, but I never counted on her being one of the only people alive who is immune to the charms of the Wii.

I found this out the hard way. When I first set up the Wii, I asked her to play. After a few days of saying no, she finally relented and bowled exactly one frame before handing the Wii remote back to me, never to play again. She’s amazingly stubborn—which is one of the reasons why I love her—and flat out refuses to be a part of any video game revolution happening under her roof.

Until now.

I had not given the Wii Fit much thought until WW™ offhandedly mentioned to me that it piqued her interest. Yoga’s not my thing so, video game or not, the idea of virtual yoga wasn’t rocking my world. But in doing some research, I found out that Wii Fit has a skiing and snowboarding game, which looks like a big bouncy ball o’ fun. And if it gets WonderWife™ to play the Wii with me and help us get in shape…well, who am I to resist? WW™ gave me the opening, so I started to stoke the embers of her interest. I would point out that it has a hula-hoop game, which was reported to give the best cardio workout. I showed her videos of the Wii Fit in action and read her articles extolling the virtues of the new game. Finally she said, “You know, I think I want one.”

Ah sweet victory. Delicious vindication.

So now that the wife decided to come over to the dark side, all I had to do was buy one. But of course, stupid freaking Nintendo makes life difficult. Demand for the Wii Fit is very high and shelves are empty. So once again, Nintendo has teased me with a product that isn’t available anywhere. Once again, the hunt is on. But this time there is a ticking clock. A baby’s a comin’ so very soon I’m not going to have time to stake out the local Costco. And I very much doubt that the Bean is going to stand to be carted in and out of every Best Buy we pass as we drive to the park, just to appease Daddy’s obsessive need for a new toy.

So to sum it up…there will be no ski on Wii for me. (And WonderWife™, don’t forget she wants one too!)

By the way, I’m calling shenanigans on Nintendo’s claims that they’re not withholding product on purpose to drive up demand.

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