Monday, May 19, 2008

Nab-is-co (ding!)

The credit for the next two new foodstuffs goes to my sister (with an assist by the wife). My sister knows about the “new product” thing that I have, but since she’s become one of the 4 people actually reading this thing on a regular basis, she’s started alerting me to new stuff on the shelves.

She recently called me about these bad boys:

(I know the picture is blurry, but pix of the modest Nilla Cakester are rare.)

The fine folks at Nabisco are turning their cookies into Cakesters. The Oreo ones have been on the shelves everywhere for a while, but the Nilla Wafer ones are new. The once rock-solid Nilla Wafer has been transformed into a kind of cake-like cookie with the consistency of a really chewy oatmeal cookie. Sandwiched in between is a fluffier riff on the typical Oreo cream filling.

Both my sister and I agree that these things are awesome. Jules thought they were too sweet, but I must humbly agree to disagree. Very few things are too sweet for me. I really like the Nillas more than the Oreo Cakesters.

Nabisco is on a roll these days when it comes to monkeying around with their flavors. Not too long after the call from my sister about these, Jules picked these up.

Apparently they came out a year ago in Canada or something. Maybe they were here too. I’m not sure, I only just heard about them.

They taste like an Oreo cookie that’s been dunked in Strawberry Quick. Now everybody knows that I loves me some Strawberry Quick. (By the way, I refuse to call it by it’s stupid new name, Nesquick.) Jules and I polished off the bag in about two days. To tell the truth, I think I probably managed to eat way more of them than my seven months pregnant wife.

I also ate the new Mint Crisp M&Ms, but I’m seeing them everywhere. You’ve probably had them by now.

Happy eating.

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saraallison7 said...

You've got another reader in me ;-) And more than once I've thought of you as I look at the sweets rack at 7-11! One of these days, maybe i'll turn you onto a new sweet. But thanks for the Nilla wafer update--those sound scrumptious!