Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fast Paced Racer - UPDATED

Sunday, after getting home from seeing SPEED RACER, I wrote this review:

The cinematic equivalent of fast food. You know it's going to be bad going in, it tastes awful going down and afterwards you feel horrible for having digested it.

And in the few days that have passed, I've softened my stance a bit. I still don't like the movie, but I don't think I'm being fair by being so harsh. I think that my gut reaction came from disappointment. I was really looking forward to SPEED RACER and really wanted to like it. But the reviews started coming in and word was that it was pretty bad. And they were right, it was pretty bad. But I have to applaud the effort. The Wachowskis tried to do something different. Something groundbreaking. In the end, it didn't work.

In the movies that I've been involved with, I've always said that I'd rather fail trying to do something unique than fail doing something ordinary. So as much as I complain about some movies and some filmmakers (yes Michael Bay, still talking about you), I can't be mad about a movie that dared to be different--just disappointed that it didn't pan out.

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