Thursday, April 3, 2008

More New Candy

I’ve stumbled upon some more new candy...

Well candy makers may not be rushing towards the coffee trend like I thought but they are definitely embracing the “energy” craze.

Behold Snickers Charged. I happened upon one after a run of a few sleepless nights, so I figured I outta check it out.

It basically tasted exactly like a regular Snickers bar. That is until the very last bite, which was slightly off in a way that I can only describe as chemical-y.

But this isn’t a candy that’s about taste, it’s about energy right? So how did it fare in that department? Well, approximately two hours after eating it, I completely crashed. So much for the Charge.

I’m guessing this is one “limited edition” we won’t be seeing again.

I like what M&Ms has been doing over the past few years. Sure, the white chocolate ones tasted like wax. But the dark chocolate ones were pretty good. The raspberry ones were really good. But these wild cherry ones were great!

If you’ve ever bitten into a cherry Tootsie pop, than you’ll kind of have an idea of what these taste like. They were an instant hit in my house. Jules exclaimed that she thought this were the best limited edition candy she’s ever had, hands down.

I’m still on the lookout for more. I hear that there are vanilla crème and cheesecake Kisses out there. As well as a rocky road Snickers bar and mint crisp M&Ms.


Marisa said...

You should check Big Lots...they have all the creepy discontinued candy!

sandy said...

Outstanding reviews. I was skeptical about the Wild Cherry M&Ms until I read your critique. I'll have to check them out. Are you familiar with The Candy Blog She's always on the cutting edge of what's new out there. I'm on the look out for cinnamon Twizzlers!

Daddy Geek Boy said...

I am not familiar with the Candy Blog. Thanks for the tip.

Tough I wonder if hunting for new candy will be as much fun if I know what's coming....

Only time will tell.

And as soon as I find cinnamon Twizzlers, you'll know about it!

Akinogal said...

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