Sunday, January 27, 2008

Deeply Disappointed

I’m profoundly disappointed in the American movie going public.

MEET THE SPARTANS made $18.7 million dollars at the box office this weekend to land the number one spot.

What? How? Why?

How such a truly unfunny movie could dupe that many people into seeing it is beyond me. And I know it’s a retched excuse for a comedy because I had to sit through the “filmmakers'” last two debacles, DATE MOVIE and EPIC MOVIE (I swear that it’s only because I had to as research for my job. I hate that I was forced to waste my time sitting through them and have been bitching about it ever since.)

Let me make this perfectly clear...There are no jokes in these movies!!! No set up and punchline. They put a Rambo or Britney Spears look-a-like in the middle of a scene for no comedic reason. They expect the audience to think it's funny because, "hey, I recognize that person. Rambo isn't supposed to be in 300!" These movies don’t even quality as lowest-common denominator. They are totally devoid of any creativity.

Shame on you if you paid to see this movie. It’s because of you that next year there will be another retched “spoof” movie being forced on us.

And if anyone disagrees with me, I challenge you to explain to me why these movies are funny. I would love to have that debate with you.


Derek said...

Okay, here's a real tough one: Which did you think was worse, Date Movie or Epic Movie? I was equally repulsed by both, but I guess I have to give a slight edge to Date Movie. (An edge in badness, I mean). And yes, I did spend money on both of them. But at least I was reviewing them for the website. My scathing reviews of both are available for the world to see.

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Wow...that's like asking me which I like more, being punched in the balls or poked in the eye with a sharp stick. Perhaps I'll give the edge to Date Movie because it had Allyson Hannigan. But then again, watching her slumming it in that movie makes me sad.