Thursday, December 13, 2007

No Wii For Mii

My desire for a Wii has been increasing exponentially since the Guitar Hero news. I finally stopped lying to myself and decided I needed one. So why didn’t I rush out and get it? I was in the “No Shopping Zone.” The NSZ lasts from November to February, when I am not permitted to buy myself anything, because inevitably I buy myself the very thing that Jules was planning on giving me as either a Hanukkah or birthday gift. And it’s been no secret that the thing I really want this year is a Wii. Anyone within earshot of me knows this. You reading this blog know this. So when I amazingly found Wiis in stock at Amazon last month, I did not buy one.

Jules has been as vocal about her not wanting me to get a Wii as I have been about getting one. Jules does not have the ability to tell white lies. And while I find this quality of hers rather adorable, it has ruined many a surprise. But that didn’t stop me from this line of thinking: Maybe Jules’ instance that I not buy a Wii is meant to keep me from buying one myself. Maybe the constant eye rolling at the mere mention of the console is all a charade. Maybe she’s finally learned how to lie.

I’ve been testing this pretty hard, even coming out and telling her that I was going to buy a Wii. And she hasn’t cracked. Which leads me to believe that despite my fantasies, she really isn't getting me one. Jules isn’t pretending, she really isn’t psyched about me getting one.

But all of this is moot because the Wii is one of this season’s hottest gifts and they are not available anywhere. Believe me, I’ve been looking. Let me clarify. You can get a Wii, but for hundreds of dollars more than they retail. Or they come bundled with needless accessories and crappy games that still cost more than the sum of their parts. And although I’m desperate for a Wii, I’m not stupid.

Because I cannot have one, it’s all I can think about. My obsessive-compulsive nature is taking over. I am making up errands which get me inside electronics stores just in case I happen to be there at the time a Wii shipment arrives. I have been trolling on line, looking for a reasonably priced console. Of course, with two weeks until Christmas, there are none to be found. So I am forced to wait.

I hate waiting.

It may not be until long after the holidays have faded away, but there will be a day when I go into a store and there in the video game section will be a Wii. And the next time I see one, I will not hesitate to buy it.

(That is unless Jules really did come through and is going to give me one for my birthday.)

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