Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What's "new"?

Any new readers need to know this about me, I am a consumer whore. I love new food products. I am always scanning the aisles for something I haven’t seen before. We seem to be living in a golden age, where there is a constant flow of new variations on food, candy and sodas.

Though I am somewhat disappointed by the lack of new or “limited edition” products that hit the shelves this year. Not like last summer. But there were a few things that popped up:

Mountain Dew Game Fuel
Didn’t taste a whole lot different from Code Red.

Raspberry M&M’sDelicious!

Banana Reeses CupsA good idea, but had that very artificial banana flavor.
Didn't love it as much as I wanted to.

Nestle Crunch Crisp Bar
Same taste, different shape.

and let’s not forget Energy CoffeeThe less that's said about this the better.

But it’s looking good for next year, when I hear there are going to be Mint Crisp M&Ms and a Chai and coconut Snickers bar that will be a tie in to Indy Jones and the KOCS. And I hear that the illusive and amazing Kit Kat Darks are coming back.


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