Friday, October 19, 2007

Just stop!

I feel sorry for kids today who have to deal with movies like DATE MOVIE, EPIC MOVIE, THE COMEBACKS, and now this:

Growing up, I had movies like AIRPLANE, BLAZING SADDLES, YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, NAKED GUN and TOP SECRET. Movies that took a genre and loving satirized it. They had real plots with actual characters. They worked even if you had never seen the things they were parodying. Sure maybe they were stupid, but at least the jokes were original and the stories made sense.

In the wake of SCARY MOVIE, spoof movies now take a whole bunch of pop culture references and mash them together in lieu of actually telling jokes. Hey look, there's a guy that looks like Borat! I know that movie. That's hilarious!

Will somebody please explain to me why a reference to Britney shaving her head in the middle of a 300 parody is funny?

Everyone just stop. Right now! Stop making them. For fucks sake stop seeing them. These movies are an embarrassment. They are devoid of creativity and the fact that Hollywood keeps making them is an insult to everyone who watches movies.

This same feeling will apply when SUPERHERO! comes out sometime next year.

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